Dark Harvest

Winner Of The Bram Stoker Award And Named One Of The 100 Best Novels Of 2006 By Publishers Weekly, Dark Harvest By Norman Patridge Is A Powerhouse Thrill Ride With All The Resonance Of Shirley Jackson S The Lottery Halloween, 1963 They Call Him The October Boy, Or Ol Hacksaw Face, Or Sawtooth Jack Whatever The Name, Everybody In This Small Midwestern Town Knows Who He Is How He Rises From The Cornfields Every Halloween, A Butcher Knife In His Hand, And Makes His Way Toward Town, Where Gangs Of Teenage Boys Eagerly Await Their Chance To Confront The Legendary Nightmare Both The Hunter And The Hunted, The October Boy Is The Prize In An Annual Rite Of Life And Death Pete McCormick Knows That Killing The October Boy Is His One Chance To Escape A Dead End Future In This One Horse Town He S Willing To Risk Everything, Including His Life, To Be A Winner For Once But Before The Night Is Over, Pete Will Look Into The Saw Toothed Face Of Horror And Discover The Terrifying True Secret Of The October Boy This Is Contemporary American Writing At Its Finest Publishers Weekly Starred Review On Dark HarvestDark Harvest

Norman Partridge s fiction includes horror, suspense, and the fantastic sometimes all in one story says his friend Joe Lansdale His compact, thrill a minute style has been praised by Stephen King and Peter Straub, and his fiction has received three Bram Stokers and two IHG awards Partridge s career launched a series of firsts during the indie press boom of the early nineties His first short s

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    When I first started reading this creepy book I thought What the feck am I reading The things that happen on Halloween night are really bizarre and messed up and I freaking loved it The October Boy is carved and gotten ready for The Run The Hunt And while the October Boy is being carved he comes to life It was freaky cool There is this freaking weird ritual in this town that on Halloween there is a hunt for the October Boy If said boy makes it to the church then he is fine But if they cut him down then the ritual goes on and the family is rich from the killing and the kid that killed the October Boy can leave the town or can he And girls are not allowed to participate Pete decides on this night that he has had enough He s ready to get out of town Pete runs into a girl that is being beat by two other boys He helps her and off they go into the night They have an idea about the October Boy and they decide to help him I thought that was pretty freaking awesome The adults in the town are cray beyond They stand outside all of the shops with guns to keep the kids away from food They want them hungry for the October Boy that is filled with candy Yeah, l...

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    OK So This book definitely had potential and as a critical reader, I can readily see that HOWEVER, it wasn t for me I recognize that this would be a hit among many different audiences, it just didn t strike a chord within me This book required a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, which I couldn t quite reach There really wasn t anything terrible about the book or the writing. it just, a...

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    It was entertained but I was expecting something better NOT REACHED EXPECTATIONS I had huge expectation about this short novel since I had just read a short story by the same author, Norman Partridge, in the anthology Halloween, edited by Paula Guran The short story was titled Three Doors and it was one of the stories that I enjoyed the most That s why I didn t hesitate to engage into this, after that anthology into this novel However, I wasn t able to find the same magic in the writing of this novel that I found in the previous short story I detected some hints here and there, but in the overall reading experience, those small oasis of fresh brilliance were dried up in some much clich horror elements I don t know if those found hints were that maybe, just maybe, the tale started as a short story but suddenly turned into a little broader novel If so, and it s just my humble guess, maybe the transition between format ruined the potential of becoming a true gem CHARACTERS The story has a fair ammount of chracters but the real four main characters are Pete McCormick A teenager with troubles with his dad and with the local authority, and who is convinced that The Run , the annual mysterious event, is his chance to get the means of finally escaping from town and making a life in another place.Kelly Haines A smart gir...

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    3.5 stars I imagined Jack Burton, from Big Trouble in Little China narrating this book for me Once that clicked in place, I really enjoyed it.I could handle the choppy writing then normal.I also wish that the back story of why this happens in the community was brought up It definitely would h...

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    DARK HARVEST has become one of my favorite Halloween season reads Norman Partridge is a bit of an enigma as an author Not terribly prolific, yet a great writer, and his work doesn t pop up very often This novel also reminds me of s...

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    Fuck it I quit Recommended to people with sleeping disorders This is literary Valium at its finest May God have mercy on my soul for trying to finish.DNF 69%

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    Wow The opinions for this one are literally all over the place Some people love it Some people absolutely hate it, and have some rather choice words for it I think I m in the middle I enjoyed it Most of it I read in a single sitting, and while yes, it is somewhat derivative, I still had fun A number of people mentioned that the second person narration was annoying, but it didn t bother me Basically, this is a quick Halloween read tha...

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    Buddy read with KasiaWhat this reads like as of page 42 Go to aisle 12 Move halfway down the aisle On your right no, your left look down past the top, then the fourth, then the third, then the second, and finally the bottom most shelf There, look at the jarred pickles You want to pick up the jar that has 12 fl oz To the right and left of this jar will be smaller and larger jars You want to avoid those Don t pick up the smaller or larger jars You want to pick up the one that says 12 fl oz Now, extend your arm At the end of your arm is your hand And the end of your hand are fingers Reach down with your arm, move your hand into position, use your fingers to curl around the jar of pickles that is 12 fl oz remembering not to pick up the ones on either side, the ones that are smaller or larger Using the same force of motion you used to pick up the jar of 12 fl oz pickles, reverse it now and bring the jar of pickles back to you, resting them at eye level Make sure, again, that the label on the jar says 12 fl oz Now extend your arm and place the jar of pickles into the grocery cart You are now ready to move to aisle 11 . PICK IT UP, MAN Done One word conflicted On the one hand, the basic story is good Almost very good But the writing Explaining for ten pages what could be conveyed with the same amount of understanding and feeling in two, max And the writer being in love with his own writing voic...

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    This was a quick Halloween story the small town hiding a secret type deal that most horror readers are familiar with Maybe I m a bit tired of this theme, or maybe this particular story was itself tired, but I was disappointed I d...

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    An unnamed town in 1963 is home to a yearly event on Halloween called the Run which tracks down a thing called October Boy Grown each year and set free on Halloween, he is given a butcher knife to use against boys between the ages of 16 to 19 The boy that kills October Boy is free to leave the town and his family does not have to pay for a thing for the next year However, this year the Run is going to be different.I thought this book was equal parts the Lottery and also The Long Walk I think my biggest issue is that you don t ever get an explanation on the first Run How in the world did the townspeople even know how to do the things that they did Why can t people leave the town It doesn t seem that something terrible will occur I think the only reason for things to keep continuing is for the harvest, but the town is small and does not seem well off so I had a hard time with the rationalization for any of this But that s my big problem with most horror books, it has to make sense to me otherwise I don t enjoy it.The book switches perspectives a bunch of times We go from the October Boy, to Pete McCormick, Officer Ricks, Mitch Crenshaw, and a few others No one gets much development besides Pete McCormick and I would say the October Boy Everyone else is paper thin as anything.For example, we get a young girl who is somehow part of the Run It doesn t even make sense since girls are not to participate But this one is and ...

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