The Island of Blood

For Countless Millennia The High Elves Of Ulthuan Have Kept Watch Over The Island Of Blood Shrouded In Elven Magic And Impenetrable Mists, Its Cruel, Chaos Warped Peaks Hide A Wealth Of Dark Secrets Including A Powerful Relic From The Dawn Of The Old World, Known As The Phoenix Stone Now, After Centuries Of Vigilance, The Elves Worst Nightmares Have Come True Their Defences Have Been Breached And Warlord Skreet Verminkin, Who Leads A Vast Invasion Force Of Skaven, Has Come To Seize The Phoenix Stone For Himself The Elves Call On Their Kin For Aid, But Even With Legendary Heroes Fighting By Their Sides, They Struggle To Hold Back Such A Monstrous Horde As Tides Of Skaven Smash Through Their Defences, The Elves Realise They Have Only One Hope They Must Tap Into The Dark Magic At The Island S Core And Unleash The Very Power They Have Sworn To Suppress.The Island of Blood

I m an author and general layabout living in the wilds of Nottinghamshire with a wife, sons and small collection of beasts I have mild asthma, am slightly myopic and once suffered with gout, but I m otherwise fully formed and can even jog over short distances If my writing career ever really takes off I hope to invest in a nice footstool My ancestors include a bloodthirsty Spanish mercenary and

!!> KINDLE ➜ The Island of Blood  ❤ Author Darius Hinks –
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • The Island of Blood
  • Darius Hinks
  • English
  • 28 July 2019
  • 9781844168521

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    The Island of blood is a fantasy book set in the Warhammer universe, this both hinders and helps the book depending whether you re familiar with the universe or not The books major pitfall is that if you are unfamiliar with the universe of Warhammer Fantasy then you are going to be thrown into a world without any bearings beyond the fantasy tropes and clich s The characters are for the most part flat and boring Although there are a couple of characters which are interesting, the book tends to jump between them too quickly for the reader to really enjoy them Which is a shame really because the Warhammer universe has some really interesting characters in it As far as plots go, this book is nothing special, however it is interesting enough to keep you reading I think the shortness of the book helps with that aspect A longer book would have suffered from the lack of depth in the plot If you are someone that enjoys reading the lore of Warhammer Fantasy you would probably enjoy reading about one of the large conflicts from the world Setting is probably the books strongest point While you may be a bit lost in the world if you are new to the universe, the particular area the story takes place in is well done There is just enough back story early in the book and the Island itself is very well described Overall if you are someone that likes to read the lore of Warham...

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    This book was published to coincide with the releasing of the 8th edition of warhammer fantasy battlegame It was a nice and easing reading The plot was simple enough Ratchitt is an engineer for Clan Skyre and it s discovering of a weapon that could disable some ancient defences in the Island of Blood After discovering he sets to make an rather unfriendly agreement with one part of the Clan Klaw led by Warlord Verminkin The clanlord would have a advantage against the other part led by chieftain Spinetail After making these agreement he made another unfriendlier agreement with three grey seers Things were not going his way.In the island we are presented with the defences Kortharion, an elf mage Kalaer an old defender and leader of Sword Masters of Hoeth and the reserves the Lothern Sea Guard another mage called Caladris and a prince on griffon.The chapters follow either the elves or the skaven with...

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    Entertaining Especially the Skaven parts of the story which is otherwise decent at best a thick with back stabbing, dark humour and crazy absurdations A nice contrast to the dead serious, dramatic and oh so honourable elves.

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    10 20.

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    A fun little readnothing .

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