Fifteen Year Old Max Mayhem Just Wants To Be A Regular Guy Who Goes To School, Rides His Skateboard, And Has No Idea That The Secret World Of Underverse Exists More Importantly, He Wants To Tell His Best Friend, Lydia, How He Feels About Her But One Frosty December Night, All His Dreams For A Normal Life Are Turned Upside Down When Max Learns That His Neighbor, Peter, Is A Vampire Who Needs Help Max Soon Finds Himself On A Dangerous Hunt For Peter S Missing Girlfriend A Pursuit That Leads Both Him And Lydia To A Hidden Town In Northern British Columbia As Max Gazes At The Town S Steep Roofs And Deserted Streets, His Gut Tells Him That Everything Is Not As It Seems But When The Sun Sets And Cries Begin Echoing Throughout The Forest, Max Realizes It Is Too Late The Sleepers In The Woods Are Awake And They Smell Blood.As Darkness Falls And Evil Stalks, Finding The Missing Girl Is The Last Thing On Max And Lydia S Minds Only Time Will Tell If They Will Survive To See The Next Sunrise.Bloodwood

John Rykken lives in Portland, Oregon Bloodwood is his first novel He is currently publishing the sequel.

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Bloodwood  ✈ John Rykken –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Bloodwood
  • John Rykken
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9781462006564

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    this is one of those crossover books, which usually means that growed ups can like it, too but in this case, i think it is a YA book that crosses both ways, and appeals to both a younger than YA and an older than YA audience because i am older wayyy older and i loved it but at the same time, it is not too scary, too sophisticated, too saucy for a younger than teen crowd but it s also not cutesy it is just a good thriller blending humor and action in a very satisfying way yeah, it s vampires, don t give me that whole i am so over vampires spiel because it is also secret society that explores the underverse great word, by the way and normal kid getting sucked in to crazy adventures which i assume will not always revolve around vampires in the later books this one does but it does vampires in a smarter way than other books do they aren t sexxy love interests nor irredeemable monsters.there is nuance in this story than in most, and there are really nice examples of human concerns and good heartedness i am making this sound like a disney book, which is not my intention but the characters are very winning,and believable, and the story was fast paced and original the only thing i didn t like was the multi epilogue bits at the end i understand that...

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    Bloodwood is irresistible The characters are quirky and sympathetic, the story is imaginative and well realized and the writing is fresh and evocative This is a fully realized novel, not just a setting for vampires acting creepy High school student Max is conflicted about his best friend, whom he wishes were his girlfriend His kindly father refuses to speak of Max s mother, who died when he was only 2 Their extended family consists of curious and in some cases a little odd folk who poke around investigating the paranormal Max is constantly struggling to figure out what choices to make in his personal life as well as how to keep himself and his loved ones from falling prey to a band of menacing fiends in an adventure that grows increasingly urgent and perilous And he s a reluctant hero, wanting only to live a normal life but unable to turn away from his neighbor s desperate plea for help One of the great things about this novel is that it s not the first or last in the Max Mayhem series Bloodwood happily stands alone and is a great introduction Not only is there history among the char...

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    What can I say about Max Mayhem I can say that I am looking forward to the next adventure Max is a smart as a whip,good hearted,skateboard riding fifteen year old When he and his friend Lydia along with their parents help a neighbor in need a very pale neighbor who is desperate to find his missing girlfriend, they find themselves on the scary end of the stick Faced with twists and turns and a festival that turns out to be not so festive, they suddenly are fighting for their very lives Bloodwood The Chronicles of Max Mayhem is filled with suspense, lightheartedness, action and some very moving scenes, it is the complete package The story reaches out to you, wraps you in a secure embrace and doesn t let you go until the end It s like sitting down with good friends and forgetting where you are for a while I became so invested in Max that I...

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    I thought this book was just ok I didn t particularly care for it but it had enough going on that I was curious to see how it ended I think the author was creative with an original story line but it didn t flow smoothly There was a lot of going back and forth Also, The way scenery was described in such detail in each chapter was a little annoying after awhile While most vampire stories may or may not be believable because obviously they do not exist, I thought it was quite cheesy during the vampire battle that Abby starts having small talk with Peter about liking Bruce Lee.I won this book as a First Reads giveaway and...

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    Max Mayhem is a fifteen year old boy who just wants to be normal, ride his skateboard, and pretend to not be falling for the girl he s known all his life.Unfortunately for Max, things in his life will never be normal His Dad is a member of the Xenopus society, a society that researches all things paranormal and unusual.In this adventure, Max s neighbour is turned into a vampire The Xenopus society know of vampires but have never had dealings with them, so Max s father is intrigued, and promises to help the sick vampire This leads Max, his dad and the other members of the Xenopus society on a dangerous and life threatening adventure where they get research than they ba...

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    First of all I received this book from the Author John Rykken I was so excited being this was my first book to win As soon as I started Bloodwood I was immediately hooked Since receiving it I have read it at least three times and can t get enough I am a huge fan of supernatural but lately and books coming out are not done let s say tastefully when it comes to the vampire craze going on John Rykken accomplishes this and truly creates an amazing story line I adore Max the main cha...

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    I think John Rykken has got something here with his first Max Mayhem novel, and I am excitedly anticipating book 2 I found myself pulled into the story every time I sat down to read and ended up finishing the book in three sittings, had I the time I would have ended up reading it cover to cover in just one I think Rykken did an excellent job making the book exciting without making it too...

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    3.25I liked the idea of this book, and I liked some moments a lot, but I couldn t stomach the irresponsible father, who takes his 15 year old son on a trip to discover a vampire nest Come on A quite uneven book, as I said it had its good moments, but then there were some boring ones, too

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    Looking for normal in all the wrong places, fifteen year old Max Mayhem would much rather go skateboarding than hunt after things that go bump in the night Unfortunately, his dad is a member of a society that researches the abnormal and paranormal So when the vampire next door asks for help, Max and his dad set off to find the legendary vampire village of Bloodwood, a road trip that Max would rather avoid But very quickly, the hunter becomes the hunted, and it s up to Max to figure out how to survive in an increasingly dangerous game.Don t be fooled this isn t really a vampire story It s a tightly crafted thriller that will pull you in and keep you hooked as the plot twists, takes a few hairpin curves and races to an unexpected finale While the story is unique, what really captured me was the mix of complex, realistic characters that refuse to stay flat, predictable or stereotypical Everyone has a story, a secret ...

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    I recently received a copy of Bloodwod The Chronicles of Max Mayhem from the author in exchange for a review, and my enjoyment I began reading not knowing if I would like the book, because of the vampire scenario I thought that vampire meant Twilight and romance, but the way this story is crafted is different It had me hooked from the start Max is a normal skateboarding kid who s next door neighbor happens to recently become a vampire Max s dad is the leader of a mysterious society who research odd phenomena They find out about Max s neighbor Peter and help him save his girlfriend I loved the author s description, he used words that were very strong to my senses I liked the...

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