Мастер и Маргарита

N Moscova Anilor 30, Ntr O Vreme N Care Speran A N A Mai Izbutit S Ias Din Cutia Pandorei, Iar Diavolul Pare S Fi Devenit Atotst P Nitor, Maestrul I Margareta Ncearc S Se Salveze De R U Prin Iubire Cu Siguran Una Dintre Cele Mai Importante C R I Ale Secolului XX, Maestrul I Margareta Este Deopotriv O Fabul , O Satir I Un Roman De Dragoste, N Care Disperarea I Nevoia De M Ntuire Sunt Poten Ate De Umor Negru I Un Strop De Magie Neagr.Мастер и Маргарита

Mikhail Bulgakov was born in Kyiv, Russian Empire today Ukraine on May 15 1891 He studied and briefly practised medicine and, after indigent wanderings through revolutionary Russia and the Caucasus, he settled in Moscow in 1921 His sympathetic portrayal of White characters in his stories, in the plays The Days of the Turbins The White Guard , which enjoyed great success at the Moscow Art Thea

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  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • Мастер и Маргарита
  • Mikhail Bulgakov
  • Romanian
  • 22 October 2017
  • 9786065397798

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    This review is dedicated to Mary, the very model of a perfect co moderator and GR friend.Unlocking the Meaning of The Master and MargaritaMikhail BulgakovIn the decades following the publication of The Master and Margarita, myriad critics have attempted to find a key to unlock the meaning of Bulgakov s unfinished masterwork Some viewed the novel as a political roman clef, laboriously substituting historical figures from Stalinist Moscow for Bulgakov s characters Others posited a religious formula to understand the relationships between good and evil in the novel.After giving myself time to think, I believe that any attempts to reduce the novel to a formula reflect some readers desire for neat, safe boxes to contain the world This approach is at odds with the fear ridden, desperate, and yet transcendent reality of Bulgakov s experience in writing, revising, destroying, reconstructing, and then revising the novel, up to his death in Moscow on March 10, 1940 The Master and Margarita shows evidence of Bulgakov s struggles to complete it, especially in part two, which illness prevented him from revising I believe that the novel s profound humanity stems fr...

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    The Master and Margarita, Mikhail BulgakovThe Master and Margarita is a novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, written in the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1940 during Stalin s regime The story concerns a visit by the devil to the officially atheistic Soviet Union Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, as well as the foremost of Soviet satires.The novel alternates between two settings The first is 1930s Moscow, where Satan appears at the Patriarch Ponds in the guise of Professor Woland, a mysterious gentleman magician of uncertain origin He arrives with a retinue that includes the grotesquely dressed valet Koroviev the mischievous, gun happy, fast talking black cat Behemoth the fanged hitman Azazello and the witch Hella They wreak havoc targeting the literary elite and its trade union MASSOLIT Its privileged HQ is Griboyedov s house The association is made up of corrupt social climbers and their women wives and mistresses alike , bureaucrats, profiteers, and, generally, skeptics of the human spirit The second setting is the Jerusalem of Pontius Pilate, described by Woland in his conversations with Berlioz and later reflected in the Master s novel This part of the novel concerns Pontius Pilate s trial of Yeshua Ha Notsri, his recognition of an affinity with, and spiritual need for, Yeshua, and his reluctant but resigned submission to Yeshua s execution.Part one of the novel opens with a direct confrontation betw...

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    EXTRA EXTRA This review has now been immortalized in audio format Authentic Russian accent and Russian quotes are provided free of charge m staying home from work today, sick to the extreme, and it s only in that unique feverish clarity that comes with illness that I dare to even try to write about this book.This is THE book The one that all the other books are measured against The one that I ve read times since I was twelve than the number of books some people I know have read in their entire lives The one from which I ve memorized entire passages This is it, the golden standard, the masterpiece, the unattainable perfection of literature I m not even being sarcastic I mean every single word of this praise What would your good be doing if there were no evil, and what would the earth look like if shadows disappeared from it After all, shadows are cast by objects and people There is the shadow of my sword But there are also shadows of trees and living creatures Would you like to denude the earth of all the trees and all the living beings in order to satisfy your fantasy of rejoicing in the naked light You are a fool. What is this book about I wish it were easy to tell in one smartly constructed sentence, but luckily it s not It is a story of Woland, the Satan, coming to Moscow with h...

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    The Chicago Tribune wrote The book is by turns hilarious, mysterious, contemplative and poignant, and everywhere full of rich descriptive passages Hilarious and contemplative my ass, CT This book is an interminable slog.Look, here s the deal I get that this book satirizes 1930s Stalinist Russia, and I get that for some this earns The Master and Margarita a place on their works of historical importance shelves But for me, it earns nothing I mean, let s just call a spade a spade, shall we There are articles in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that have successfully held my attention than this Bulgakovian bore Exhibit A To start, the characterization in this book is near zero Although there is a point where some barely discernable personality traits become apparent in one or two of the characters, by the time the reader makes it this far the show is nearly over And if by curtain call the reader discovers Woland and his retinue to be even remotely interesting, it is not because of careful character construction It s like the end of a really stuffy dinner party when you begin making your parting rounds The thrill is in the palpability of finally being free of these people Toodle oo And what is the author s intent here, to single out the literary bureaucrats and the nouveaux riche If so, the demographic is not effectively targeted The Faustian demon who comes to wreak havoc across Moscow does so seemingly at ran...

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    Sympathy for the Devil His name is God Not Lucifer,not Satan,but God Satan is God in a bad mood God in a bad mood lays our souls to waste As heads is tales Just call me LUCIFER cop is to criminal as God is to Lucifer God in a good mood plays games with us What s confusing you is just THE NATURE OF MY GAME This song has a direct tie to the book, the Master and the Margarita , is about all the history tragedies with points throughout time The man he is describing is the devil.The devil is asking for sympathy because he claims the reason he is not to blame is because the devil does not make you do anything He simply sets the stage, which is the nature of his game Look up those points in time You should know most of them from history Someone said His name the devil humanity A masterful song for a masterpiece Please allow me to introduce myselfI m a man of wealth and tasteI ve been around for a long, long yearStole many a man s soul to waste And I was round when Jesus ChristHad his moment of doubt and painMade damn sure that PilateWashed his hands and sealed his fate Pleased to meet youHope you guess my nameBut what s puzzling youIs the nature of my game I stuck around St PetersburgWhen I saw it was a time for a changeKilled the czar and his ministersAnastasia screamed in vain I rode a tankHeld a general s rankWhen the blitzkrieg ragedAnd ...

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    Soviet Ghost StoriesStories, stories, all is stories political stories, religious stories, scientific stories, even stories about stories We live inside these stories Like this one in The Master and Margarita The story that we can or less agree upon we call reality But is it real Story making and telling is what we do as human beings Through stories we create meaning out of thin air, in the same way that plants create their food from light, and usually with about the same level of casual unconsciousness We then learn to share meaning and thereby create language and societies We call this culture and have little idea what it means or how it works.What happens when stories, particularly stories about stories, are inhibited or forbidden The most important result society goes mad And that part of society which becomes most mad is that of the professional story tellers who, because they are the carriers of the essential human and cultural talent, become less than human They are unable to tell the stories needed by the rest of us and enter a dream like state of inexplicability and meaninglessness The Master and Margarita is obviously a satire, a purposeful distortion of language to demonstrate its corrupt use It is also obviously meant to recall the necessity for religious stories in a society that has d...

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    Love leaped out in front of us like a murderer in an alley leaping out of nowhere, and struck us both at once As lightning strikes, as a Finnish knife strikes She, by the way, insisted afterwards that it wasn t so, that we had, of course, loved each other for a long, long time, without knowing each other, never having seen each other I experienced this magical novel as an unrivalled ode to love and reveled in its delectable burlesque and hilarious scenes It knocked me off my feet and pointed me to read Goethe s Faust Somewhere around 1930, the devil and his cronies descend on Moscow, putting the entire city on edge by their diabolical humor and ditto magic tricks The authorities can only look on, powerless Before the arrival of the devil, a Master wrote a novel about Pontius Pilate this serene novel within the novel is entirely integrated in the story , which was dismissed by the regime, therefore sending the Master into a mental asylum Margarita, the Master s clandestine lover, makes a pact with the devil to save her companion writer If she agrees to act as a hostess at the witches Sabbath of the devil naked the devil will free her master, and Margarita and her Master will be together for all eternity and live happily ever after.By far one of the most brilliant novels I have ever read, these insipid sentences were all I was capable of writing about this astounding and greatly allegorical novel when I got a few lines in a fr...

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    A poet Homeless , as he calls himself, and a magazine editor, his gruff boss, Berlioz, are having a conversation, in a quiet, nondescript Moscow park, just before the start of the Second World War Drinking, just harmless sodas, and discussing business, ordinary right That s the last time in this novel, it is An apparition appears in the sky, weird and unbelievable, a frightening seven foot transparent man, is seen floating above their heads, but only Berlioz spots it, he s obviously, the editor, a very sick man Later a foreign, debonair stranger, joins them on the next bench, they start an uncomfortable, lively, rather dangerous conversation about Jesus in the days of Stalinist Russia , if he really existed The newcomer, a self described black magic expert, tells the others, he saw Pontius Pilate and Jesus, personally Naturally his startled companions, look at him with a little disbelief, the two close friends , think Professor Woland the name is discovered afterwards must be a spy or crazy, either way, authorities s...

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