A Pair of Blue Eyes

Frumoasa Elfride, Personajul Principal, Este Prinsa Fara Voia Ei Intr Un Triunghi Amoros Tanara Trebuie Sa Aleaga Intre Doi Pretendenti Foarte Diferiti Din Toate Punctele De Vedere Stephen Smith, Sarac, Dar Plin De Vise Si Energie Si Henry Knight, Un Londonez Respectabil Si Instarit Scris Intr Un Moment Crucial In Viata Lui Hardy, Doi Ochi Albastri Exprima In Mod Direct, Mai Mult Decat Oricare Alt Roman Al Sau, Evenimentele Si Trairile Autorului Care L Au Determinat Sa Se Dedice In Totalitate Carierei Literare Romanul Descrie Framantarile Tinerei, Constienta De Asteptarile Parintilor, Normele Sociale Si Propriile Impulsuri Si Dorinte.A Pair of Blue Eyes

A Pair of Blue Eyes in 1873 In the novel, Hardy chose to leave one of his protagonists, Knight, literally hanging off a cliff staring into the stony eyes of a trilobite embedded in the rock that has been dead for millions of years This became the archetypal and literal cliff hanger of Victorian prose Excerpted from

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  • Hardcover
  • 426 pages
  • A Pair of Blue Eyes
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Romanian
  • 13 March 2017

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    Men may love strongest for a while, but women love longest This is the story of Elfride Swancourt, our blue eyed heroine Elfride is torn between two lovers, the young, kind hearted, socially inferior Stephen Smith, an architect and much older and scrupulous Londoner, Henry Knight, a literary man and Stephen s mentor She also has to satisfy the expe...

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    This was a fast read, and I very much enjoyed it If you are already a Hardy fan, I heartily recommend reading A Pair of Blue Eyes 1873 if you aren t, this just might make you one A Pair of Blues Eyes was the third novel published by Hardy, and the first published under his own name In his later years, Hardy created three categories in which he placed all of his fiction The largest category, Novels of Character and Environment, includes the well known core of his oeuvre also known as the Wessex Novels this novel falls in Hardy s second category, the novels of Romance and Fantasies with the third category, Novels of Ingenuity, containing just three relatively minor works A Pair of Blue Eyes is set in Hardy s fictional Wessex of southwestern England and, in fact, this novel is largely played out in Lower and Off Wessex, in reality that part of England referred to as Cornwall with its rural countryside and majestic sea cliffs As is typical of Hardy s prose, the novel does a wonderful job of connecting the reader with th...

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    Yet another story of love and life by Hardy, he advocates for women and understands them in ways i don t know how but he does, and he is a wizard with words and he knows the sunset and the moonlight and everything in between as passionately as humanly possible A lady would have s...

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    Spoilers Thom s third novel is a classic Victorian tale of a scatterbrained ingenue who falls for a working class upstart and changes her mind about eloping with him in London while eloping with him in London who then starts seeing the working class upstart s posher middle class mentor who over a number of pages learns about her time with the working class upstart not his name and the botched elopement and tu...

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    Curse you Thomas Hardy Curse you for tearing my heart out and making me cry like a dummie over fictional characters I thought I was so smart and knew what was going to happen and you ripped the rug out from under me You left me without my happy ending Curse you And the saddest thing is that I am no newcomer to Hardy I ve read your work before As I cracked this one open I thought of my teenage favorite, Return of the Native I should have thought of Tess Yeah, you heard me Poor TEss and Poor Elfride But at least, even though you are a man, your sympathies do obviously lie with the poor misused females I can tell you hated that Mr KNight as much...

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    What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.Elfride Swancourt is a vicar s daughter, unschooled in the world, who falls in love with two men Her first is a young impressionable boy himself and her second a worldly, but dare I say no emotionally developed, man of letters At a number of junctions in the novel, Elfride might save herself a bad experience by being honest, but she elects to withhold the truth, for easily understandable reasons, and it is her undoing Like Tess, she is doomed to heartbreak by the unreasonable expectations of men and the societal pressures put upon women.Hardy never fails to surprise me with his understanding of the female characters he paints They are full bodied and thoughtful, and they breathe life His men are so often cruel in exacting standards that a saint would be hard to live up to and that beg for the rules to be bent, if not broken Never were conditions favourable for developing a girl s first passing fancy for a handsome boyish face a fancy rooted in inexperience and nourished by seclusion into a wild unreflecting pass...

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    2,5 5 Un poco meh.Mi menos preferida de Hardy con El alcalde de Casterbridge , a n as tiene sus momentos.

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    Triste come solo Thomas Hardy sa essere, ma ormai questo il suo quarto libro che leggo e ci sono abituata Dopo un po ti fai le ossa e accetti il destino nefasto dei suoi personaggi In Due occhi azzurri il protagonista un triangolo amoroso tra Elfride, figlia di un pastore, Stephen, un giovane architetto e Mr Knight, amico e mentore di quest ultimo Da una parte c il primo a per Stephen, l innocenza e l inesperienza, dall altra c un uomo pi maturo che idealizza tantissimo questa ragazza e questa sar un po la rovina di tutto Nei romanzi di Hardy le donne sono quelle che se la passano peggio, ma questo normale visto l epoca vittoriana in cui siamo Elfride subisce il giudizio di tutti ma la cosa che la corrode di pi sono i sensi di colpa.Risulta comunque una lettura meno tragica rispetto ad altre sue opere, come Jude l Oscuro Mentre in Jude il dramma filtrava da quasi ogni pagina qui si percepisce solo nelle ultime pagine se questo pu consolare Due occhi azzurri una lettura scorrevole, for...

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    I love this Thomas Hardy novel almost as much as Tess of the D Urbervilles It is partly autobiographical, with the heroine Elfride based on his first wife Emma Gifford It is a short, romantic novel with interesting characters and man...

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    This is a novel I would highly recommend to everybody, not only to Hardy s fans The story is so nicely unfolded and detailed that you can almost feel the wind in that spellbinding cliff scene This is a simple story, don t expect great literary references or witty remarks But it is told with so much gentleness and the characters are very well portrayed and developed Elfride, though, is not as the other Hardy s heroines, she is young, gullible and has grown up protected by her father I thought she was too innocent and easily impressed and lacked resolve and character But what can you expect from a barely 18 year old who hasn t been shown to the world She is not to blameStephen, I like immensely He s got but a true heart through all the story, he is consistent in his love and protects Elfride when the time comes even if it breaks his heart.Mr Knight He is a complicated character but I found him fascinating The initial passages where he meets Elfride are funny and they seem so natural you find yourself falling in love with him too.You ve got the three key pieces for a tearing love triangle, where there s no good or bad characters, just love and the unfairness of life.Though written well before the famous Tess of the D Urbervilles , the story contains many similarities to his best known masterpiece The moral issues regarding the treatment of women in the late eighteenth century , thei...

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