The Plumed Serpent

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David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation In them, Lawrence confronts issues rel

[ BOOKS ] ⚣ The Plumed Serpent Author D.H. Lawrence –
  • Hardcover
  • 524 pages
  • The Plumed Serpent
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Romanian
  • 03 December 2019

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    OK It s a mad book, no doubt about it It s full of ferocity and discontent And it does seem to ask us to take its ideas about cults and gods and blood seriously It has stupid notions about race It is infected with a misanthropic disdain for most people But it is also struggling with all this, fighting against these damaging in...

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    D.H Lawrence came from a day and age when writing was self discovery It was a way to find out who you were, a way to open up new worlds within yourself And the people loved reading about it You grasped a sense of a writer s psyche, his mind, his emotions and soul Reading The Plumed Serpent you get all that and Lawrence is most famous for Lady Chatterley s Lover but The Plumed Serpent is by far the superior novel Always an autobiographical writer, The Plumed Serpent catches Lawrence in the midst of his famed savage pilgrimage s North American swing, specifically Mexico.Well, let me tell you, Lawrence will put you there You ll be sweaty and a bit dirty too The flies will buzz and bite your ankles The sun shining off the matador s sword will blind you Simply put it s an experience.And, oh yeah, there s a story running through it too A woman from Ireland, Kate Leslie, is exposed to the brutality of Mexican culture The novel opens at a bullfight in Mexico City, and you need to remember that Lawrence is no ordinary writer Catch this description of how a bull runs into the bullfighting ring for the first time He ran out, blindly, as if from the dark, probably thinking that now he was free Then he stopped short, seeing he was not free, but surrounded in an unknown way He was utterly at a loss.Back to the story Kate Leslie the Irish woman is repulsed by what she se...

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    I could only get through the first 45 pages of privileged white Americans and one Irish woman who move to Mexico and then complain about the Mexicans Nobody has time for that shit.

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    As a writer, Lawrence emits a sense of greatness, of towering above the ordinary and rendering nearly everyone else small minded by comparison this is thoroughly in keeping with the attitudes of this very Nietzschean novel It is the intensity and passion of Lawrence s vision, complemented by astute acerbic insight, that makes him a giant His stance does tower above modern, reasonable, charitable ones Do not dismiss him on account of his unpleasant conclusions It s not what he believes in, it s how he believes in it that matters Lawrence is not a slick storyteller, nor does he write with a consistently fluid style Story, style and Lawrentian philosophy synthesise to produce true greatness at intermittent moments elsewhere the going can be tough, but there s is always a latent sense of true power Lawrence s almost relentless misanthropy almost gets too much, but his passion for a life albeit as an abstract or unrealistic ideal almost justifies it By comparison to today s norms, it is perhaps his uncompromising high seriousness that ultimately most appeals How he would loathe postmodernism.After a brilliant description of a bullfight in the first chapter, The Plumed Serpent seems to decline into a ...

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    DH Lawrence takes a trip to Mishima Country This was so crazy I just had to love it.It s about Kate, Irish widow, who is in Mexico and pretty much hating it and everyone in it We open at a bullfight Mishima loved a good matador where everything s a bit sad and unEuropean Kate goes on to say lots of racist things about Mexicans Which is a downer But then she meets a local warlord, and then his warlord boyfriend Mishima loved a man in uniform , moves to a lakeside villa, and starts falling in love with them and their unique brand of pagan fascism Mishima loved fascism So crazy The words erect , manhood or sperm are on almost every page No prizes for guessing what the plumed serpent represents.But Mexico seems really beautiful And I d love to know if Mishima read it.Mishima bits Cipriano was watching Ramon with black, guarded eyes, in which was an element of love, and of fear, and of trust, but also incomprehension, and the suspicion that goes with incomprehension and With Cipriano he was most sure Cipriano and he, ev...

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    Remember Mexico was still fresh from revolution Lawrence does tap into the political here, but from that vision of his always textured with body psychology Any reader not expecting immersion in liquids denser than simple bathwater should be forewarned.Lawrence comes as close as any, for a man, to getting at a woman s psyche Granted, all relationships for him reverberate in a mind encased by nature and saturate the mind with a nature humid with August and not devoid of insects His world smells and gets felt, annoys and perturbs In short, it means itself in a context that strikes a reader as seriously real.Is it possible for moderns to become Aztec gods Is it possible for two men and a w...

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    My rating 3,5 starsFree download available at eBooks Adelaide.Quotations She felt again, as the felt before, that Mexico lay in her destiny almost as a doom Something so heavy, so oppressive, like the folds of some huge serpent that seemed as if it could hardly raise itself There is no such thing as liberty,The greatest liberators are usually slaves of an idea The freest people are slaves to convention and public opinion, and still, slaves to the industrial machine There is ...

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    Disappointing read I had a very hard time staying with this story as it was slow and negative I wanted to put it down multiple times but stayed with it hoping for a lovely finish Would not recommend like I would Lady C s Lover.

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    Thank you, Mr Lawrence I think.Much to think about here, but also much that isn t acceptable or comfortable in a 21st Century world As the academic wrote in the Introduction to my edition if you want a handbook for how to set up your own Fascist group this has it all The main theme of this book is the establishment of a Fascist group in Mexico using pre European type gods to influence the native Indian population to join The publication date is really important when reading this book, because if you don t then you can easily run along claiming Lawrence is a supporter of Mussolini Hitler The fact that he pre empts them for almost 10 years says a lot Intellectual adults who had survived the Great War wanted a change in how governments were run they felt the previous types monarchy democratic capitalism had failed the people It was a common belief that a charismatic person could rise save the populous the two extreme ways were socialist communism, or right wing oligarchies It is really important that people in Britain thought Mussolini Hitler were doing great things as they repatriated Italy Germany So, I feel we must not condemn Lawrence for his intellectual experiment in this novel Why he supported an oligarchy of men, ruling over others is a little beyond me espe...

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    Although one hesitates to give any book by D H Lawrence two stars, in this case I must The Plumed Serpent is no Son s and Lovers This late Lawrence book is filled with long winded, pretentious and repetitive passages of ersatz Aztec religious claptrap and equally ill conceived mysticism about the savage Mexican Indian as a race Couple these with a sort of proto fascism, and one has a prett...

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