El recurso del método

Recursul La Metod , Replic Subtil I Erudit La Discurs Asupra Metodei Al Lui Descartes, Vorbe Te Despre Antinomia Dintre Lumea Veche, European , I Cea Nou , American , C Ci, N Opinia Lui Carpentier, America Latin Este Cel Mai Pu In Cartezian Continent Ce Se Poate Imagina N Acest Univers Baroc, N Care Realul Se Converte Te N Miraculos, Figura Memorabil A Primului Magistrat Amalgam Cu Dozaj Subtil Din Varii Dictatori Latinoamericani Cubanezul Gerando Machado, Guatemalezul Estrada Cabrera, Mexicanul Porfirio Diaz, Dominicanul Leonidas Trujillo, Venezuelenii Guzman Blanco I Cipriano Castro Fascineaz P N La Obsesie, Plas Nd Capodopera Lui Carpentier N Galeria Celebrelor Romane Despre Dictatur I Dictatori Pe Care Le A Dat Lumea Sud American Domnul Pre Edinte De Miguel Angel Asturias, Eu, Supremul De Augusto Roa Bastos I Toamna Patriarhului De Gabriel Garc A M Rquez.El recurso del método

Alejo Carpentier was a Cuban novelist, essayist, and musicologist, who greatly influenced Latin American literature during its boom period Perhaps Cuba s most important intellectual figure of the twentieth century, Alejo Carpentier 1904 1980 was a novelist, a classically trained pianist and musicologist, a producer of avant garde radio programming, and an influential theorist of politics and

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • El recurso del método
  • Alejo Carpentier
  • Romanian
  • 02 March 2018

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    This was a hard read, mostly because it was in english i think books like this one have to be read in your mother tongue nevertheless, it is a great work I read this year the open veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, and this was practically a novel which displayed quite a few stuff presented there.Carpentier did a great job in presenting the image of the universal dictator, from THE DICTATOR s point of view There are moments when he is humane Revolutions, communism, t...

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    Only very patient readers need apply, because like the other two books in this so called Trilogy, it is not the easiest novel to get through However, patience is definitely rewarded here I will be putting together a post about all three

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    No es lo que se dice una lectura recomendable para lectores principiantes o de apetitos juveniles La prosa de Carpentier es prodigiosa, demuestra un dominio del idioma sin igual, pero sus intrincadas frases, sus cultas interpolaciones y el laberinto narrativo resulta fascinante si te enganchas al tren, sino, es indudable que debe ser peor que arrolle una manada de b falos Carpentier, empleando su poderoso verbo, sigue un estilo expresionista, con figuras deformadas y pintadas con vivos colores y abarca sabiamente tanto las referencias cultas como el humor m s corrosivo A quien le resulte pedante, sencillamente deber a abandonar su lectura y esperar a estar m s culturizado Carpentier es exigente, pero no abstruso Denso, pero no opaco Para comprender lo oportunas que son sus numerosas referencias hay que fijarse en la funci n que cumplen reflejando ciertos aspectos de la historia Por ejemplo, en uno de los cap tulos finales, el dictador, en su apartamento de Par s, descubre con disgusto que sus pinturas de B rard han sido vendidas por su hija porque han perdido su valor y en su lugar ha adquirido otras que, seg n la describe, parece el Arlequ n de Picasso y otras pinturas de posiblemente Braque El Primer magistrado las contempla con extra eza y distancia, no las entiende, para l son apenas unos borrones Por esas alusiones comprendemos que una vez terminada la I Guerra Mundial, el d spota se descubre desplazado Pasa del fin del siglo XIX a lomos del cipotu...

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    I decided to read another book by Alejo Carpentier Because the I quite liked the one I read before And I chose one that was a bit thicker I was scared when I opened it and realized that every chapter was basically a giant paragraph I m not exaggerating The paragraph s were longer than Saramago s, and I thought that maybe I d gotten into the problem of starting a book that I would never be able to finish because of the tedium it would cause me I was wrong Because it is Alejo Carpentier The book tells the story of a First Magistrate not sure this is how it s called in English , in other words a President, in other words a Dictator, in a Latin American country whose name is never mentioned because, honestly, it could be any And it tells how this man faces opposition, used the money to go live in Paris and how he gradually becomes and violent even without knowing who he is fighting against, to the point where he will kill anyone who opposes him Like every dictator And you re probably thinking this doesn t sound very entertaining why should I read a book that be...

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    Excelente prosa Quizas no sea la mejor novela de Carpentier, porque a veces se hace un poco lenta Pero la riqueza del lenguaje, las descripciones de Latinoamerica, sus costumbres, tradiciones, comidas, olores, espiritualidad compensan, en mi opinion, cualquier defecto que pueda tener la narrativa Como...

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    Masterfully written from start to finish, a sweeping account of Cuban history as well as an investigation into the psychology of Latin America and dictatorships as such, a political novel as much as a psychological one, wrap...

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    Haven t read yet, notes from another review part of a tryptych , I learned from a review of another book I, the Supreme Trilog a sobre el monote smo del poder 2 by Augusto Roa Bastos, Helen Lane Translator Nancy Oakes s review Jan 26, 2019 really liked itbookshelves latin american fiction, translated fiction, 2019 So far, The Autumn of the Patriarch is my favorite of this trilogy I ll be back after I read Carpentier s Reasons of State.warning this one I, the Supreme was even challenging than Autumn of the Patriarch in terms of reading Not for fainthearted or impatient readers.message 1 by Michael added it 7 hours, 8 min agoI had no idea that Autumn of the Patriarch was part of a triptych back when I read it Such an interesting story behind these three books ie each of these authors deciding to ea...

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    Really need to stick to a policy of only finishing books that I enjoy reading This was awful.

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    O livro nos apresenta o primeiro magistrado como um ditador pat tico, cujo conhecimento est a servi o de uma idealiza o da Europa, enquanto trata seu pr prio territorio com sadismo e indiferen a Sempre temos a impress o de termos visto algo similar antes, t o frequentes s o hist rias assim na Am rica latina um texto s vezes cansativo, pelo excesso de erudi o e refer ncias a obras e artistas europeus A cr tica ao pen...

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    I was reminded of the presence of REASONS OF STATE on one of my office bookshelves when I read Elizabeth Hardwick s brief appreciation of the novel this month in the New York Review Books edition of her collected essays REASONS OF STATE has been in my possession for many years and I must confess to having all but forgotten about it, shameful as this is to reveal Hardwick is not prone to hyperbole, and her application of the word genius to Alejo Carentier s literary achievements ought to provoke further investigation from any half worthy supplicant Hardwick also naturally mentions the unfortunate decision to present to English readers this masterpiece by Cuba s most esteemed writer, titled EL RECURSO DEL METODO as it originally was in Spanish, under the title by which we Anlgos have come to know it The original title is of course provocatively swiped from Descartes, the stridently rationalist 17th century philosopher who also happens to provide all of the novel s many epigraphs, spread judiciously throughout The appropriation of Descartes title speaks very much to the high minded mischief that courses through the novel, filled as it is with both jovial impudence and evidence of tremendous learning The title REASONS OF STATE, unfortunately, suffers from having something of the neither here nor there to it It is certainly not what one would call especially clever, and I am unable to divine any qualit...

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