Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #16)

Per La Seconda Volta In Un Mese, Anita Blake Costretta Ad Affrontare La Sua Paura Pi Grande Prendere L Aereo Ha Infatti Accettato Di Accompagnare Jason A Trovare Il Padre, Ricoverato In Ospedale Ad Asheville, Nel North Carolina, Nonch Di Fare La Parte Della Sua Fidanzata Presentando Ai Genitori La Promessa Sposa, Jason Spera Infatti Di Riconciliarsi Con Loro, Che Hanno Sempre Criticato Il Suo Stile Di Vita Troppo Libero Per La Sterminatrice Quasi Una Gita Di Piacere, Se Non Fosse Che, Non Appena Arrivato, Jason Viene Scambiato Per Suo Cugino Keith, E Lui E Anita Vengono Letteralmente Presi D Assalto Dalla Stampa, Convinta Di Aver Sorpreso Uno Dei Politici Pi Conservatori Della Citt Con Un Amante Per Sfuggire Ai Paparazzi, I Due Si Rifugiano In Albergo, Dove Per Li Attende Una Minaccia Ben Pi Grave Perch In Quella Stanza, Lontana Dalla Potente Influenza Di Jean Claude, Anita Pi Vulnerabile Che Mai, E C Qualcuno Deciso Ad Approfittarne Per Toglierla Di Mezzo Una Volta Per TutteBlood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #16)

Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis

➳ Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #16) Read ➻ Author Laurell K. Hamilton –
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #16)
  • Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Italian
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9788842921288

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    Welcome to the Death of a Series Once upon a time there was a girl She liked to read A lot She especially liked to read about books with paranormal alternate realities in them because the real world had lost its magic to things like Reality TV, male dominated debates about women s reproductive rights and vacuous celebrity worship One day she stumbled upon a book titled Guilty Pleasures and though both the title and the cover seemed rather cheesy she figured she d give it a try Enter one imperfect, stubborn, narrow minded but somehow highly lovable main character named Anita Blake.The girl had never met such a bad ass chick Anita didn t take shit from anyone, never compromised her beliefs because of the opinions of others and never looked to anyone else to get herself out of an impossible situation The girl was intrigued Did she like this wise cracking hard ass Or was her personality too strong and grating at times With the arrival of one Jean Claude, master vampire and sex on legs l...

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    SUPERSLUT POWERS, ACTIVATE Superslut Anita Blake is back While the overall story was good, Hamilton s attempt at erotica, as usual, was lacking When reading erotica, I expect, well, MORE The erotic sections are bland and unimaginative The horrible display of BDSM is appalling in that Hamilton has a main character in the series IGNORE the safe word No matter how well the characters know each other, there is no justification for ignoring the safe word If Hamilton wants to improve the erotic portions of her work, she should provide details to fire the readers imagination Longtime readers know that Micah is better endowed than Richard who is in turn larger than Jason, but in erotica, size matters, give us the details how large is large In Blood Noir we are told several times that Anita is riveted by Jason s stomach could not figure out if he was doing crunches or what, but it would help the reader to have detail I presume since Jason is a stripper that he has an appealing and ripped body, but details would help feed the imagination It takes to fire the imagination than stating that Jason has business short blond hair, a shade of blond of which Hollywood stars are envious Yes, we know Jason...

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    I have decided to write off this series and not pick it up every again Hamilton has no sense of timing or style any longer She repeats phrases within paragraphs of each other Her one liners don t hold the same endearing quality and charm they once used to My fiance skipped entire chapters of sex scenes to get to the story and had it read in a matter of hours.The message boards are alight today Part of the problem might be her die hard fans that won t hear any bad critique, and keep telling her to write the sloppy mess the Anita Blake series has become Even here on Goodreads, the only Hamilton group has a softly worded warning telling you not to talk about how bad they have become.I suppose I should start my own Hamilton group and provide her with the real support a true fan wouldand tell her it s all gone to shit and she needs to turn it around before her sells get too low Working in a library I can tell you this, her holdings for the ne...

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    Hey, does anyone else remember when the Anita Blake books were actually kind of mysteries, with plots and everything Instead of page after page of the most boring ass relationship dissection discussions ever, all of which you have read several times before Seriously, this book advances the overall plot in the Blake oeuvre not at all Ninety percent of the book is Anita and Jason either talking about sex or having sex, with special guest appearances by other characters having sex or talking sex with Anita And all of the discussions and sex acts serve to prove two things 1., Anita remains frustratingly dense about the most basic social interactions and psychology, and 2., despite this fact, she is still the hottest woman ever and everyone and everything in the world, whether male or female, living or dead, human or not, desires to have huge amounts of sex with her Then Marmee Noir makes one teensy and ambiguous move, and then you get the standard last chapter that attempts to wrap up and advance every idea brought forth in the rest of the book in 3 sentences or less The writing in this series has also continued to go seriously downhill I used to love the dark atmosphere the early books created, but and , this series reads like transcripts from a sex addict s boring therapy sessions Personally, I feel that Ha...

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    I wouldn t say this continued the downhill drive of the Anita Blake books, but perhaps it hit a plateau It has the same flaws as most of the recent books in the series poorly written erotica, far too much navel gazing, not enough meaty plot but the flaws seem to have been acknowledged and have been worked on There were only two of the over the top erotica scenes, both with Jason although one included Nathaniel , although I could have done without the preceding chapter of discussion of who, where,why, and how the sex was going to take place before each scene There was a third scene that is only alluded to, which is even pleasantly surprising I don t think we can expect a change from the multiple partners and graphic yet not sexy scenes that seems to, as Anita would say, flat do it for LKH but at least she seems to be using the scenes and lifestyle reasonably.As far as the plottiness of the book is concerned, it was a little light until the end Mostly, there is a lot of introspection and wibbling from Anita about her relationship with Jason, and a lot of background on Jason, his hometown, and his family and then wham Quite a bit of action at the end Still, we haven t seen a lot of Marshal Anita Blake in recent novels, so it was nice to see those elements re emerge It gi...

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    Jason Schuyler s dad is about ready to die, and Jason needs to bring back a girlfriend so his dad can die knowing that Jason wasn t gay Yes, this is a plotline too cheesy for the most sappy of Lifetime movies, but whatever We need to know about Jason now, so this is the plot we have to work with.So Jason takes Anita Blake back to his home to visit his family Why not his girlfriend from the last few books, Perdita Oh, she s a harpy that won t let Jason sleep around and wants monogamy And of course, it s totally OK for Jason to not want monogamy, even though in Danse Macabre , Anita chewed Ronnie out for the same damn thing.The two head to Jason s home and stupid crazy barely sitcom worthy plots appear look alike cousins Drunk brides A cheating politician s son And of course some vampires and werebeasts because Anita hasn t added a new man to her roster yet.Saying that the Anita Blake series particularly these last few books is a strange, addictive kind of awful is a bit boring, particularly if you have been saying it for at least 6 books And in my case, someone who is not a fan and is just trying to observe and analyze the phenomenon, I ve been critiquing this series from book 1 So if you ve been bored of me saying Anita Blake is horrib...

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    LKH has a talent for stretching out a single, seemingly pointless scene into chapters of painful to read dialogue between characters that does nothing to further the plot In the course of the last 5 books, Anitas harem of men have become amaeteur therapists for Anita, making unbelievable and often ridiculous observations re her beauty, innocence, naivitee, selflessness, etc that she herself we are supposed to believe has never considered These eye rolling therapy sessions provide unconvincing justification for Anita s dramatic 180 degree character reversal, in which she transformed from a self righteous, morally superior paragon of justice into an intrepid, promiscuous supporter of the BSDM scene The plot Jason s father is dying of cancer and he wants Anita to accompany him home and pretend to be his girlfriend to correct his father s false impression of him as gay Upon their arrival, Jason s uncanny resemblance to his cousin, the son of a presidential hopeful, creates a media furor over a case of mistaken identity that also has causes problems for Jean Claude among the vampire community when its reported that Anita has left Jean Clause to marry his pomme de sang During the uproar, Marmee ...

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    Blood Noir is one of my favorite books in the Anita Blake series The insight to Jason and Anita in this book is exhilarating The analytical and entirely too serious discussions are intriguing, especially the way everyone responds to them.Anita Blake Vampire hunter and animator Necromancer Succubus need I go on Covered in scars, drowning in anger, dripping with lust and doubt you just can t get much better than Blake Her character totally rocks and I applaud Hamilton for this entire series Great job, chickadee Anita s scars No, they aren t They ignore them and pretend they aren t there Or they stare, but don t want to Your cars embarrass people, make them uncomfortable JasonThe explosive and never ending trap of emotional debris leftover from the on again off again relationship between Blake and Richard is well I just don t like it They need to leave each other alone or get alone Something Anything different from what s going on with their characters now I guess I m just a wee bit tired and bored of Richard walking into the room and throwing a little hissy fit The anger that rolls through Anita every time he makes her heart ache is astounding.There, a little emotion I knew the emotion now anger I should have fought it Anger is bad when you carry beasts inside you But I didn t fight it, I welcomed it I fed it sweet words and coaxed it hotter Anger was so much better than...

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    Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton is the 16th good golly installment in the sexcapades of Anita Blake, theoretical Vampire Hunter I hate to begin a critique of a book I am trying very hard to be impartial about with snark, but sometimes I just can t help myself.Ok, game face.Hamilton has taken a lot of flak for what her series has become and I am not in any way an apologist When I sit down to think about how the series has evolved over the years, it makes me like many fans nostalgic for the early books of the series when she was fighting the good fight The novels used to follow a case of some sort she was helping the police with or her work as an Animator that would be a raiser of the dead, not a cartoon maker It used to be edgy, engaging and adventurous The world that Hamilton has created, an alternate earth where vampires and werecritters are out and everyone knows about them, is interesting and rife with storytelling potential Nonetheless, and , it s all about sex and Anita s ever growing list of metaphysical powers, lovers and emotional issues.The story follows Anita and her friend with benefits...

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    If you liked the first 5 books of the Anita Blake series, thought the next 5 were going downhill somewhat thought the next 5 descended into romance page counts, then you feel about the series as I do If you thought the writing got poorer in the past few, we also agree If you felt ripped off by Micah , we still agree In that case, don t bother to read this book Seriously, keep the few good memories you have.I m afraid that Hamilton has had it as a writer This was the worst book I ve read in the past couple of years Certainly the worst one I finished Why did I Because I ve read the all the previous ones I skimmed a LOT with the forlorn hope that things would get better Also, the book was given to me.The plot was poor half the book took place in one hotel room Bring lots of cheese, because all the characters do is whine about to each other about their lives, feelings, relationships powers The only displays of the last are filled with remorse, anger desire but the last isn t even very well done It s not even good soft porn Basically, it s a very negative play of how to have bad, supernatural relationships spend hundreds of pages whining about it There is no suspense Every possible suspense el...

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