The Guardian Tree

Born As Carmen Sylvia, Into Post World War II Germany, Laural Is Adopted By American S Working For The CIA Laural Spends Her First Seven Years Living Near An Enchanted Park In Frankfurt Here She Encounters A Spirit In A Tree That Reveals A Message Her Life Turns Upside Down When Her Family Suddenly Moves To The United States And Settles In A Small Rural Fishing Village In Wisconsin Confusion, Fear And Betrayal Surround Her After Her Adoptive Parents Pass Away, Laural Begins Unraveling The Secrets Of Her Family Tree And The Mysteries That Have Surrounded Her Join Laural As She Heals Herself By Facing Her Deepest Fears When Laural Finally Realizes That Her Name Carmen Sylvia, Means Guardian Tree , She Awakens The Ultimate Truth Within Her.The Guardian Tree

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Mandala Facilitator I believe we are meant to journey within to awaken to our true self This inward and outward journey is one that facilitates deep emotional healing As we heal from within we can begin to heal our world.Trees have long been a metaphor for journeying between worlds As a young girl growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, I became very aware of the trees

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ The Guardian Tree  ✐ Author Laural Virtues Wauters –
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  • The Guardian Tree
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  • 10 June 2019

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