Enemy of My Dreams

A Young Woman Strives To Reach Her Full Potential Whilst Constantly Battling Against The Deep Rooted Disappointment Of An Unrealised Childhood Dream To Have A Degree.Landing Her Dream Job, She Becomes The Office Guru And Manager Proving Her Worth As A Valuable Employee, She Is Kept On When Others Are Laid Off Suddenly, She Finds Herself Suffocating In Office Politics A New Company Structure Finds Her As The Only Bod In A Four Person Team With Three Managers Her Previous Autonomy Is Revoked Restrictive Procedures Are Introduced Overnight Removing Any Chance Of Further Personal Development Becoming And Frustrated, She Begins To Realise That Her Discarded Childhood Dream Is Preventing Her From Moving Forwards Time After Time, Her Lack Of A Degree Stops Her In Her Tracks A Stumbling Block Standing Between Her And A Better Life Or Is ItEnemy of My Dreams

Ann Whitlow is a pen name for Olwen White.

❤ Enemy of My Dreams  pdf ⚣ Author Olwen White writing as Ann Whitlow – Firstchance10k.co.uk
  • ebook
  • Enemy of My Dreams
  • Olwen White writing as Ann Whitlow
  • English
  • 23 January 2017

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