The Explosion Chronicles

Man Booker International Finalist Yan Lianke Has Been Lauded For His Imaginative Satire And Insightful Cultural Critique As One Of China S Greatest Living Authors Guardian His Internationally Bestselling New Novel, The Explosion Chronicles, Follows The Excessive Expansion Of A Rural Community From Small Village To Megalopolis.With The Yi River On One Side And The Balou Mountains On The Other, The Village Of Explosion Was Founded Than A Millennium Ago By Refugees Fleeing A Seismic Volcanic Eruption But In The Post Mao Era The Name Takes On A New Significance As The Community Grows Explosively From A Small Village To A Vast Metropolis Behind This Rapid Expansion Are Members Of The Community S Three Major Families, Including The Four Kong Brothers Zhu Ying, The Daughter Of The Former Village Chief And Cheng Qing, Who Starts Out As A Secretary And Goes On To Become A Powerful Political And Business Figure Linked Together By A Complex Web Of Loyalty, Betrayal, Desire, And Ambition, These Figures Are The Driving Force Behind Their Hometown S Transformation Into An Urban Superpower.Brimming With Absurdity, Intelligence, And Wit, The Explosion Chronicles Considers The High Stakes Of Passion And Power, The Consequences Of Corruption And Greed, The Polarizing Dynamics Of Love And Hate Between Families, As Well As Humankind S Resourcefulness Through The Vicissitudes Of Life.The Explosion Chronicles

Yan Lianke simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin Y n Li nk Wade Giles Yen Lien k e, born 1958 is a Chinese writer of novels and short stories based in Beijing His work is highly satirical, which has resulted in some of his most renowned works being banned.He started writing in 1978 and his works include Xia Riluo , Serve the People , Enjoyment , and Drea

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Explosion Chronicles  ✪ Yan Lianke –
  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • The Explosion Chronicles
  • Yan Lianke
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9780802125828

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    Searing, grotesque satire of modern Chinese life, taken from the story of an imaginary village, named Explosion and it s development from a sleepy thatched hut village to metropolis over the span of a few years.Yan takes as a model volumes of local history , and uses their basic chapter titles as a blunt commentary on the history of the village It s less of a story, of a shouted allegory The village first gets its start from theft and prostitution, the chapter on military affairs involves the burning of effigies in protest of the 1998 embassy bombing, and then going off to visit Obama and Cameron a few days later Elderly people c...

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    Giri Yan LiankeYan Lianke, in de kitaplar en fazla sans rlenen yazarlardan birisi Duru u itibariyle in de di er yazarlardan farkl bir yerde duran Lianke bir ok nemli uluslararas ele tirmen a s ndan en net ve korkusuz yazarlardan biri olarak kabul ediliyor 2014 Kafka d llerini kazanan ve 2016 The Man Booker finalisti olan Patlama Kay tlar n da da benzer korkusuzlu u ve netli i okura yap lan bir itiraf e li inde kitaba giri yap yoruz Patlama Kay tlar Hakk nda Her ey a Mythorealism Patlama Kay tlar n konu ve bi imsel olarak incelemeden nce Lianke nin terimselle tirdi i anla lmas ndaki en nemli yap s olan mythorealism mito realizm diye evrilebilir san r m kavram n incelemek gerekiyor Lianke ye g re g n m z in in ger ekleri kurgusal ger eklik i ine girmesinde yetersiz g rmesi yatmaktad r Bu nedenle de in deki yazarlar n acilen b y sel ger ek ili in g lgesinden kurtulmas gerekti ini belirtiyor Ger ek ilik dedi imiz bir dizi mant ksal olay n nedensel korelasyon i inde titizlikle uyum sa layarak sa ma olabilecek t m her eyi devred b rak r B y sel ger ek ilik ise ger e in alt nda yatan olaylar her ne kadar hayattaki ger eklik alg m z yans tmasa da yeniden ke feder Fakat in toplumu a s ndan bakt m zda, ger eklik sa mal n, kaosun, d zensizli in ve mant ks z olabilecek her ...

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    G zeldi ama yine de favorim Mo Yan

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    My video review

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    Yan Lianke s The Four Books, originally published in 2009, was, in its English translation,long and ultimately short listed for the 2016 Man Booker International prize I had read it before the prize list and although I saw its merits and was pleased to see it on the longboat, it wouldn t have made by personal shortlist In particular the narrative device of the story, apparently told from excerpts from four different books was innovative but the author didn t quite bring it off And the fantastical nature of the story for me rather diminished the terrible impact of the real life events underlying the story See my review this novel, originally published in 2014, and translated into English again by Carlos Rojas, as The Explosion Chronicles, has made the longlist for the 2017 Man Booker International Whereas The Four Books focused on The Great Leap Forward, and the resulting famine, this focuses on a contemporary topic, China s 21st century explosive economic growth The same techniques are used In this case the narrative form is modelled on the Chinese form of local gazetteers, regional histories compiled by officials and local gentry from the translators helpful introduction , themselves based on the twenty four official dynastic histories that began in the first century BCE with Sima Qian s Records...

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    3.5 starsThis is a very difficult book to review I think it did exactly what it set out to this is a satire of modern China with heavy magical realism elements that add to the farcical and absurd nature of the society portrayed I am particularly grateful for both the translator s and author s notes, which add a ton of really important context both culturally and linguistically It would have been a very different experience going into this blind.It will come as a surprise to no one that the magical realism or mythorealism as they re called here elements were my favorite aspect of the novel Much of them are nature based, with plants and animals reacting to the emotions actions of the characters If someone cries, flowers might bloom as their tears fall, or the grass beneath them might wilt away It s interesting to have the environment quite literally reflect the plot But mythorealism is used in a lot of ways there are moments of absolute hilarity like when the entire city is transformed into Vietnam during the war to make the visiting American soldier comfortable , but others are beautiful and moving for example, when the city is covered in literal shards of moonlight The story focuses on four brothers in the city of Explosion, who each have a part in raising the city from a provincial...

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    The village of Explosion gets its name from a volcanic eruption, but, in this story, its name takes on a different meaning as the village becomes a town, becomes a city becomes a county becomes a megalopolis.All this happens under the leadership of the four Kong brothers and the influence of two women Zhu Ying and Chen Qing The leadership style is a bit dodgy to say the least Beginning with theft from passing trains and encompassing re branding of news stories for sale to other newspapers through to prostitution, it seems that no moral standard is too low to be broken in the pursuit of wealth and power.It s a satire of the explosive growth of China, particularly in the modern era.I found it to be just an OK read All the way through, I was accompanied by the feeling that everything that happened was an allegory of something in China s history and that I don t know enough about the history of China to understand that allegory I m sure not everything in the book is a direct allegory or parody of Chinese history, but I couldn t shake the feeling that the author wasn t making up a story as much as he was forcing a tale through a series of bizarre parallels with the real history of his country I think this feeling is exacerbated by the use of mythorealism for example, an entire airport built within a week through the use of severed limbs, or plants that mysteriously flower...

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    Ironick , satirick , magick a brut ln p b h Autor aruje s popisy, kouzl s d jem a oboj propl t lidovou a vulg rn mluvou a ivotn m p b hem venkovsk ch zlod jsk ch vidl k , kte se postupn stanou p ny a veliteli obrovsk metropole V men zemi se ambiciozn ni emov derou vzh ru tak, e ze zapadl ch kout po zbojnicku a pak po zbohatlicku berou turmem metropole V lidov n si takov ni emov tu metropoli ze sv zapadl vsi, jak se zd , dok vybudovat Rozpukov jke pozoruhodn ten , kter zejm na v po tc ch a j dru budovatelsk ho sil p ijde i esk mu ten i a p ekvapiv pov dom Za zm nku stoj , e kn ka je i v te n p elo en , nebo alespo ten , kter o nsk kultu e a jazyku nem pon t si po te v born proveden esk liter rn p evod, co jak v me nen v sou asno...

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    Yan Lianke s The Explosion Chronicles follows two rival Chinese clans who, swept away by capitalist aspirations, sell their souls to expand their village into a town, city and then, megalopolis The clan members find no method too ignoble for increasing their status they resort to everything from theft, bribery, prostitution and even murder to reach their aims But for what purpose Had it all really been worth the sacrifice The Explosion Chronicles uses Yan Lianke s preferred style of mythorealism to tell this extraordinary tale, which was based on China s own incredulous transformation into a capitalist super power over the course of a few short decades In brief, the novel uses fantastical elements throughout the novel e.g., that an airport can be built in a week from bloody fingers This narrative device was not really to my taste in The Four Books , Lianke s previous novel a...

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    This is my 3rd attempt to read a book written by a contemporary Chinese author and, again, I feel underwhelmed It is probably just me I do not know the literary tradition of the country or its canon Maybe because of that I did connect with the way how this story is told It is the chronicle of life in an imaginary village in China and how it has been transformed into a mega police over the course of decade And it happened mainly through greed, thirst for power and the lack of moral standing, those weaknesses to which people not only Chinese succumb during the time of drastic and uncertain transitions It is supposed to be a hyperbolic way of telling the story But I ve seen the similar transition in my teens when the Soviet Union has fallen apart and, sadly, I could definitely believe such events taken place for real with the minimal hyperbola or symbolism It took me around 200 pages to figure out the dynamics and what I could take from th...

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