The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #1)

From 1 New York Times Bestseller Cassandra Clare And Award Winner Wesley Chu Comes The First Book In A New Series That Follows High Warlock Magnus Bane And Alec Lightwood As They Tour The World After The Mortal War The Red Scrolls Of Magic Is A Shadowhunters Novel.All Magnus Bane Wanted Was A Vacation A Lavish Trip Across Europe With Alec Lightwood, The Shadowhunter Who Against All Odds Is Finally His Boyfriend But As Soon As The Pair Settles In Paris, An Old Friend Arrives With News About A Demon Worshipping Cult Called The Crimson Hand That Is Bent On Causing Chaos Around The World A Cult That Was Apparently Founded By Magnus Himself Years Ago As A Joke.Now Magnus And Alec Must Race Across Europe To Track Down The Crimson Hand And Its Elusive New Leader Before The Cult Can Cause Any Damage As If It Wasn T Bad Enough That Their Romantic Getaway Has Been Sidetracked, Demons Are Now Dogging Their Every Step, And It Is Becoming Harder To Tell Friend From Foe As Their Quest For Answers Becomes Increasingly Dire, Magnus And Alec Will Have To Trust Each Other Than Ever Even If It Means Revealing The Secrets They Ve Both Been Keeping.The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #1)

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[Epub] ➞ The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #1)  ➟ Cassandra Clare –
  • Paperback
  • 350 pages
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #1)
  • Cassandra Clare
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9781471162145

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    I m still figuring out exactly how I feel about this book as I just finished it, but for now I m feeling slightly underwhelmed That doesn t mean this book wasn t enjoyable, because at the end of the day it was a fun and adventurous story, but that s about it The plot of the book didn t really wow me and parts of it felt really random I mostly just felt like the joke cult was such a weird plot point in the first place Regardless, Magnus brought in all the sass that I live for and it was nice to see his vulnerable side with Alec I loved seeing Alec find confidence in who he is and seeing him actively working on breaking down the things that hold him back In conclusion, character wise, this book is on point Plot on the other hand It could use some work.

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    ARC given to me by my amazingly kind friend Heather at Bookables My reading vlog for this entire book, and my entire process of annotating, taking notes, and writing this very review, is live on my BookTube channel It s a classic love story I hit on him at a party, he asked me out, then we fought an epic magical battle between good and evil side by side, and now we need a vacation The Red Scrolls of Magic is the story that Magnus and Alec always deserved My two precious boys, both trying to live in a world that wants them to be something they re not, but together they are able to find happiness it s too pure There is a reason why they are so many people s favorite OTP and ship of all time, and I think this brand new installment is going to make so many people happy And this brand new spin off takes place during City of Fallen Angels, when most of the Shadowhunter universe believes The Mortal War to be over I do recommend that you read at the very least Lady Midnight before picking this one up, because there are so many layers and elements that you just will not appreciate without knowing certain twists that are revealed in The Dark Artifices Magnus and Alec are off trying to be romantic in Paris together, finally going on their very first vacation together, but a good friend soon informs them that they could potentially be in grave danger A cult, The Crimson Hand, and their sacred book yeah, you guessed it , The Red Scrolls of Magic, and the sacrifices they are making in the name of the cult leader But the thing is, many people, including the Spiral Council, think that Magnus not only started this cult back in the day, but also that he is still leading it Magnus also is discovering that someone or something has possibly tampered with his memories, yet he feels like there might be some truth in him starting the cult many moons ago Seek the children of demons Love them as you love your lord Do not let the children be alone We get to see so much of Magnus past in this book, and so much of it is heartbreaking I mean, if you have followed my reviews while I read everything by Cassandra Clare in 2018, you will know that Magnus has always been a favorite character of mine But all the flashbacks in this book, in juxtaposition to the man we all know and love, it pulled at my heartstrings constantly while reading Magnus Bane is a literary gift and I will thank all the higher powers for him and for Cassie Clare for creating him every single day And this story is broken up in three parts that I will summarize in three sentences Part I City of Love Paris Romantic vacation quickly turns into a mission from Hell factually Part II City of Masks Venice Best party ever, and holy moly cameos from above literally Part III City of War Rome All the action, I m living my best gay life, and the cliffhanger of all cliffhanger endings truly When was it decided that a warlock child is worth less than the children of the Angel Like all the books in the Shadowhunter universe, bigotry and prejudices are at the forefront How everyone looks at the Shadowhunters, who share blood with angels, is completely different than the Downworlders, especially Warlocks who share blood with Demons And hatred will always breed the cruelest acts The Shadowhunters and the Clave can be pretty closed minded over anyone who is deemed different, so Alec being gay AND dating a warlock is something that has shaken up many Shadowhunters But Alec, unconditionally loving himself and Magnus, has started something beautiful, and because of it, many other Shadowhunters are learning to love and accept themselves Aline and Helen are major side character in this book, and we even get to see them meet for the very first time Friends, I don t even have words Not only are Aline and Helen my favorite queer ship in the Shadowhunter world, they are probably my favorite sapphic ship of all time Seeing the Asian girl get the Fae girl of her dreams It just does something to me every single time Also, speaking of Shadowhunter cameos, Lily Chen is also in the story, and she is the Asian pansexual love of my life, so I was truly living my best life with the entire cast of characters in this book He d always assumed that storybook moments like these were meant for Jace, Isabelle, anyone but him Yet here he was But, to me, this book was all about forgiveness and how sometimes forgiving someone is the most powerful move you can possibly make We are all than the mistakes of our parents and people that did horrible things who happen to share our blood Everyone wants to be loved, and everyone is deserving of love, and sometimes that comes in the form of forgiveness And sometimes, beyond anything else, we need to forgive ourselves for past mistakes that we ve made Who you are in this moment means way than who you were growing up, or even who you were last year Sometimes people really do deserve second chances, and I hope you give yourself all the chances in the world to become the person you want to be Overall, I loved this with my whole heart These characters, all the queerness, the themes, the story, the mysteries, the twists it was all amazing, especially knowing everything we know from all the other books that have taken place after the events in this one And if you love the Warlocks in this world, then this is truly going to be the book for you This was just a wonderful addition to the Shadowhunter world, and I think so many people are going to love it Also, with all the Shadow Market activity and cameos, I really can t wait to read the last two short stories in Ghosts of the Shadow Market this June Please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and all the series leading up to this book And as always, I m going to do a little mini character breakdown on my thoughts and feelings on all of the main characters in this book Spoilers ahead If only the world were a fairy tale, Nephilim Art by Cassandra Jean Magnus Bane Bi, Indonesian, High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus is truly going through some shit in this book, and my heart breaks for him On top of everything, he is so scared to tell Alec who his real father is, and my heart Alec Lightwood Gay, Shadowhunter, willing to protect Magnus at all costs Me and Alec honestly have a rocky Shadowhunter history together, but I truly have grown to love him so much, and I love his love for Magnus Alec is unsure of so many things, but he is never unsure about his love for Magnus Aline Penhallow Lesbian, Asian, Shadowhunter, love of my life Helen Blackthorn Bi, Shadowhunter, half Fae, second love of my life Leon Verlac Bi, Shadowhunter, annoying as fuck And people are really going to dislike him because of the I m bi, so I want to sleep with everyone stereotype She has seen so many tragedies, and they both knew the worst tragedies were born of love Tessa Gray Seeing her and Magnus talk about their love for Shadowhunters Fuck me up, fam Few things are better in the Shadowhunter universe than Magnus and Tessa s friendship Peng Fang We meet this vampire and blood seller in the Paris Shadow Market and I seriously just want to know everything about it, because there is no way he isn t going come into play Izzy and Jace s Phone Call I had to list them with this character breakdown, because this phone call, and Simon trying to ask them for sex advice, was one of my favorite things in this book The grapefruit suggestion almost took me out, honestly Johnny Rook Be still, my heart Johnny is normally at the LA Shadow Market, but he is at the Paris one and helps Magnus out a little bit Also, I remember something that Johnny has in a TDA book and I can t wait to see how he got his hands on this relic Shinyun Jung Korean, has a history with the cult, and is traveling alongside Magnus and Alec Prince Adaon The smile I had on my face when I saw this sweetheart at the party Ah, I can t wait for him to be king already and to let my poor baby Kieran live his best life Ah, my sweet Unseelie Princes, I can t Malcom Fade My jaw dropped, friends Dropped The High Warlock of LA is for sure in this book and throws the best party I ve ever read about And we know all the shit he was up to in Lady Midnight, so I was honestly quaking Catarina Loss Probably my favorite warlock besides Magnus, obv and I always smile over her, Magnus, and Ragnor Fell s friendship Give me a cameo from her in every Shadowhunter book, please Raphael Santiago Ace Asexual, Mexican, vampire Friends, I can t cry any, okay I always love seeing Raphael and Magnus and their friendship, but seeing Raphael and Alec bond and become friends, in the Raphael way, it truly broke me And I just keep thinking about their son, and I honestly am crying Wow Lily Chen My pansexual and Asian goddess I would die for this woman and I want nothing than for he to have her own full length series Also, seeing Helen and her kiss Can officially confirm Helen loves Asian women and I am truly living on cloud nine forever Hypatia Vex Warlock, runs the London Shadow Market Seriously, this book is a warlock wet dream Barnabas Hale Warlock, LA Shadow Market runner, and always a treat to read about Asmodeus I ve been screaming since City of Heavenly Fire to learn about Magnus dad, and this book truly delivered Yet, we have so much to learn, and I think the next book is going to be everything If I m a hero of war, so is he It is truly just a wild ride to see baby Magnus and baby Alec at the start of their new relationship, figuring out what they both want, what works, and what doesn t, to seeing them married, seeing them as fathers, seeing them get the life they deserve, even if the world around them is still in chaos To just know Alec becomes Consul of the Clave and is going to change the world for all Downworlder children Friends, I am weeping at the honor of getting to see Magnus and Alec s lives together What a blessing, truly Also, because I know people are going to be using the search engine on my blog to find this information yes, Alec and Magnus do have sex for the first time in this book, but yes, Cassie keeps it totally YA and fades to black it before it becomes not PG13 Also, friendly reminder cis women, don t fetishize m m sex, thanks And I know I make a lot of jokes about Aline and Helen, but they truly make me happier than any other couple in all of these books I had no idea that they were even going to be in this story, let alone letting us see them meet for the first time, and seeing Aline being the disaster gay she really is trying to ask Helen out And with everything I said about Magnus and Alec and seeing them start out but knowing where their path leads in the future together, seeing Aline and Helen, and knowing all that they were forced to endure because of bigotry, it just takes everything to a whole other level Overall, I just loved this completely I laughed out loud, I cried over so many cameos, I smiled from pure happiness at my OTPs starting out their relationships, and I always wanted of everything I can t wait to get my hands on The Lost Book of the White, because I have a feeling that it s going to be even better than this amazing series starter Especially with that cliffhanger ending Lord, hear my prayers Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and trigger warnings for violence, talk of past loss of a loved one, abandonment, talk of suicide in the past, past parental abuse physical , torture, cult rituals, and war themes 1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork Angel 4 City of Fallen Angels 2 Clockwork Prince 5 City of Lost Souls 3 Clockwork Princess 6 City of Heavenly Fire The Bane Chronicles Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy 1 Lady Midnight 2 Lord of Shadows Ghosts of the Shadow Market 8 103 Queen of Air and Darkness

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    Review to come

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    Can I say that I absolutely love the COVER and the PROMISE of this book I m such a sucker for Magnus and Alec I adore their relationship and I just can t get enough of them And now there s going to be a trilogy Oh boy, I m so ready for this YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW READY I AM XDAhh Cassie you and your books I m convinced they ll be the death of me 333

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    Atenci n Spoilers ni tanto de la saga principal, pero NO de este libro.OK, este libro est situado en la l nea del tiempo cronol gica justo despu s de Ciudad de Cristal O SEA que Alec y Magnus apenas est n empezando con lo suyo y est n todav a con muchas dudas y conoci ndose en el aspecto rom ntico y TODO ES TAN BONITO Especialmente porque una que ya ley todo lo dem s SABE que esas dudas se van a convertir en certeza absoluta UNA SABE QUE VAN A SER EL AMOR DE LA VIDA DEL OTRO.Aunque tambi n este libro va ANTES de Ciudad de las Almas Perdidas , y ese libro es muy OUCH para nosotros los Malec stans EN FIN EL AMOR PREVALECER.

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    I haven t finished TMI or even started TDA, yet here I am, drooling over this

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    Aline and Helen are useless lesbian culture and Alec and Magnus and Aline and Helen are mlm wlw solidarity and that is the that on that UPDATE nevermind I had an audible credit and I couldn t wait Happy pride, y all my library hold on this just expired so it s going on hold, although there s a good chance I ll just buy a copy and finish, because I m at 13% and absolutely loving it, it s really sweet and a lot of hated TMI, would burn it if given the chancealso me this book is exactly what I deserve and i will five star it

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    the fact that we have been given a whole book of Malec is a GIFT and I am in appreciation right now I think it s set after City of Fallen Angels, so it was a bit of a throwback too and heartily reminded me that 1 I really need to reread TMI because I remember so little lolol, and 2 I ve missed the old crew so much Isabel and Jace only spoke to Alec on the phone through this, but like the warm feelings of tHE OLD SQUAD just made me happy PLOT So Magnus and Alec are off on a Europe vacation except obviously that s a disaster and they end up hunting down a cult which Magnus may or may not have started There s demons, doomed train rides, exploding houses, satanic rituals, blazing swords, and Alec charging into trouble the very second it blinks because he s a freaking Gryffindor and can t help himself ALL THE GOOD STUFF So so little relaxing was done Magnus was very put out like 90% of the time One of his meltdowns included being upset at the prospect of dying when everyone around him was so badly dressed.Magnus is everything MALEC I mean, I love these two I remember feeling like Alec was a bit whiny the first time I read TMIwhich is why I desperately want to reread it Because, look, Alec was a closeted gay kid absolutely buckling under the pressure of needing to be a great enough hero, a good enough person, someone everyone loved enoughthat when they realised he was gay, the would still love him And like punch me in the gut why don t you thanks Alec resonates with me so much, and I know with so so many other readers I m SO glad of his thoughts and perspectives are in this book I simultaneously want to hug him and cry and also be in awe of him.And we know Magnus is the definition of MOVE IM GAY while in the midst of being a fabulous disaster He s not perfect, he s foolish, he has an amazing arc about vulnerability in this book And it just makes me love him .Also every time they get romanticit gets interrupted by like, demonic activity lmaoooo Nothing like a demon here to spit on your love life BUT The soft scenes, the gentle cuddling scenes, the kisses, the deepening relationship of two people who are learning to be vulnerable ajfldksad I loved it MAKE ME LAAAUGH Dude, no joke This book is a CRACK UP I laughed so much and the lines were golden They also dragged Jace just the whole time for no reason and it was amazing Also Magnus can t stop talking and his whole personality is basically just SHEDS GLITTER, WATCH OUT omg I love him CAMEOS There are so so many other characters who make an appearance I SCREAM Okay first off, most importantly, we get Helen Blackthorn and Aline backstory I MEAN MY GIRLS Also the Blackthorns are mentioned, Raphael is here being so pissy and antisocial I love him , Barnabus Hale is there, oh and Jonny Rook for a while Tessa makes an appearance And they mention so many others in passing it s just like one long moment of me, now turned into Captain America, looking up and saying I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE daaaamn how does Cassandra Clare actually keep this entire universe in her head pls don t tell me she s anything short of a genius OVERALL hi i m obsessed and it was perfect HOW ARE YOU I just love how it was so so funny, and it was really a good adventurous romp after how stressful QOAAD was But it was also vulnerable and soft And I love the killing demon scenes, but I also love just two worn out magical creatures flopped on a Venetian lounge, cuddling before the next scene of bloodstain and bruises The balance clenches fist too good I loved this book so much.

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    Why not I ll give it a go.

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