The Girl Who Came Back

Thirteen Years Ago Olivia Adams Went Missing Now She S Back Or Is She When Six Year Old Olivia Adams Disappeared From Her Back Garden, The Small Community Of Stoneridge Was Thrown Into Turmoil How Could A Child Vanish In The Middle Of A Cosy English Village Thirteen Years On And Olivia Is Back Her Mother Is Convinced It S Her But Not Everyone Is Sure If This Is The Missing Girl, Then Where Has She Been And What Happened To Her On That Sunny Afternoon If She S An Imposter, Then Who Would Be Bold Enough To Try To Fool A Child S Own Mother And Why Then There Are Those Who Would Rather Olivia Stayed Missing The Past Is The Past And Some Secrets Must Remain Buried.The Girl Who Came Back

SILENT SUSPECT Jessica Daniel 13 14 January 2019 SOMETHING BURIED Andrew Hunter 3 7 March 2019

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  • The Girl Who Came Back
  • Kerry Wilkinson
  • English
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9781786812667

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    A Traveling Sister read with Brenda 4.5 Olivia disappeared from her back yard garden at the tender age of 6 Gone in an instant Her parents ultimately divorced, moving on with their lives as best they could Her mother Sarah remarried and had a new baby Her father Dan spiraled out of control and was left a crushed, defeated man.When out of the blue, Little Olivia simply skips back into their lives as a teenager, some 13 years later, and no one can believe itor her Could it really be the same missing girl from so long ago Or is this an imposter trying to embed herself into the lives of those so vulnerable and desperate to have her back Kerry Wilkinson delivers a very taught, twisty thriller that was extremely hard to put down I was all in from the beginning We set aside a weekend to read this book but basically it took just over one day Interrupted only by work Although I did figure out some of the twists along the way, it certainly didn t de...

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    This is the fifth Kerry Wilkinson book that I have read in the last four months He has therefore obviously become one of my go to authors I consider his novels comfort reads, perhaps because he is a terrific storyteller with a writing style that is extremely fluent He is a versatile author capable of penning stories in several different genres This book, a standalone, is a psychological thriller The novel runs with two major threads The main arc belongs to Olivia Olivia disappeared from her back yard 13 years ago at the age of 5 Olivia turns out to be alive and well and has reappeared in her hometown, causing a lot of well, let s say interest, amongst the townfolk Then we have Lily s story Lily lost her mom at an early age and is living with her broken dad Life is not easy for Lily How are these threads related This is an intriguing tale There are a fair number of characters and not too many are straightforward, including our two narrators If you like unreliable narrators, this one is definitely for you It s tough sorting out who is trustable and who isn t There are shocking events that take place and decisions made that make you wonder how well you can really know anyone In addition, a number of ethical questions are raised that made me wonder what I would really think, say, and do if I were in the...

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    A parent will always know their own child right Another winner for Kerry Wilkinson and Bookouture Very gripping read, I never wanted to put it down and flew through it quite quickly His style of writing is easy to read and engaging It really keeps your attention Six year old Olivia Adams disappeared from her garden one afternoon without a trace Things like that just don t happen in little Stoneridge until that day She becomes a cautionary tale, the reason parents want their children home before dark, why they hold them extra close You don t want to end up like Olivia, do you It s thirteen years later and Olivia is back or is she She has a strange, sort of vague story about being taken by travelers She s stingy on the details She doesn t want to pursue any legal action But mom looks into her eyes and she just knows her daughter has finally returned to her Some people just aren t convinced, including her bully of a second husband Who is right Very enjoyable read I went back and forth as I tried to figure out what was going on I did figure it out a bit early, but Wilkinson threw some extras in there that made it stay inter...

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    4.5 Stars Traveling Sister Review with Kaceey.The Girl Who Came Back is a fascinating, gripping and a fast paced psychological thriller that had Kaceey and I hooked right from start to finish Once we started, it quickly turned into an afternoon of us messaging each other with our theories and guesses till life needed our attention or I should say someone Lol Kaceey had her game on with this and we made a pretty good team piecing this one together with Kaceey figuring out the twists At least I wasn t in left field again with this one Kerry Wilkinson does a great job creating an intriguing character here with our main character Olivia the girl who came back Right from the start we were questioning her return and trying to figure out what secrets she was hiding We were also intrigued by Lily s story and the suspense in...

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    You can find all my reviews well well, this one had me unexpectedly gripped from start to finish where I resented moving from my comfy chair to enter real life This take place in a small English village, just a little community of people, and whoosh, this child Olivia goes missing Right from her own back garden Of course the village people rally around and go in search the the missing 5 year old.But coming up to time thirteen years later, Olivia turns up alive and well causing a huge stir among many of the village occupants as you can imagine.Her Mother accepts that this girl standing before her is her long lost daughter who she always hoped and maintained was still alive The enstranged Father is also a bit apprehensive Alongside runs a story of Lily who is living with her Dad, but, how are these two families entwined There is an awful lot to digest here which keeps your reading...

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    Typically, if a book is dealing with the return of a missing child, the perspective is from that of the parent s or others trying to discern if the child is the real deal Here, the book is told from the perspective of the child After 13 years of being missing, Olivia returns to the town of her childhood and finds her mom Her mom is convinced it s her, but Olivia s new stepfather and his brother aren t Given that she was five when she was nabbed, it s understandable that her memories of her early life and abduction are vague One discussion she has with a childhood friend rang particularly true Nattie says she s not sure how many of her memories are true or she s heard her mother tell a story so many times the story became a memory I often feel like this, unsure if something is an original memory or a transplant, so to speak Interspersed with the chapters on Olivia are ones about Li...

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    Well, I could not put this one down This is my second book by Kerry Wilkinson and he once again did not disappoint This is a seriously clever thriller And this author is quickly becoming one of my go to s for when I m in the mood for some good suspense I had a moment at the beginning where I almost stopped reading due t...

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    THE GIRL WHO CAME BACK is a standalone psychological thriller by bestselling author Kerry Wilkinson This was a fast paced read that had me hooked right from start to finish This is the second standalone psychological thriller that I have had the pleasure of reading by this author, having I thoroughly enjoyed reading TWO SISTERS It definitely won t be my last I have lots of catching up to do This novel highlights the drama dealing with the return of a missing child, told from the perspective of the child, with her mother and others trying to determine if she is legit.Thirteen years ago, Olivia Adams went missing Now she s back or is she Her mother is convinced it s her but not everyone is sure But where has this missing girl been When six year old Olivia Adams disappeared from her back garden, the small community of Stoneridge, a small English village was thrown into turmoil...

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    Thirteen years ago when Olivia Adams was only five years old she disappeared from her yard with no trace leaving her parents to wonder just what happened to their little girl Now a young woman walks into the diner owned by Olivia s mother and approaches the woman with the claim that she is Olivia and she s finally returned home Olivia s mother is immediately sure that this is her daughter that has returned to her but others around her are not so sure and demand answers Olivia s story is one that is believable, she s spent the past thirteen years being raised by travelers and has come to escape them to return But it s odd that Olivia doesn t want to go to the police so can anyone believe she is who she claims to be The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson is another very solid thriller that will leave readers guessing up until the very end just where the author is taking them on the journey within the pages I will say I held back a bit getting connected with Olivia trying to figure out if I should root for her to be the real daughter returned or if she would be an imp...

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    I feel that Kerry always delivers a solid mystery I love his Jessica Daniel s series His standalone books aren t his best but you know they re going to be good.This one begins with a woman who re enters a life who people believe went missing when she was six 13 years later here she is or is it really her Olivia doesn t need to prove anything to her Mum because mother s kn...

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