The Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers, #4)

Two Damaged Hearts Learn There S A Fine Line Between Love And Hate In A Wicked Wallflowers Novel From USA Today Bestselling Author Christi Caldwell.Gertrude, The Eldest Killoran Sister, Has Spent A Lifetime Being Underestimated Especially By Her Own Family She May Seem As Vulnerable As A Kitten, But Given The Chance, She Can Be As Fierce As A Tiger Her Adopted Brother, Stephen, Has Just Been Snatched Back By His True Father, And She Ll Be Damned If She Relinquishes The Boy To The Man Reviled Throughout London As The Mad Marquess.Still Haunted By A Deadly Tragedy That Left Him Publicly Despised, Lord Edwin Holds Only Hatred For The Killorans The People He Believes Kidnapped His Son And Not One Of Them Will Ever See The Boy Again But When Gertrude Forces Her Way Into The Household And Stubbornly Insists That She Remain As Stephen S Governess, Edwin Believes He May Have Found Someone Madder Than Himself.With Every Moment He Shares With The Tenderhearted Gertrude, Edwin S Anger Softens Into Admiration And Is It Possible That The Woman He Loathed May Be The Only Person Who Can Heal His Broken SoulThe Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers, #4)

USA TODAY Bestselling author CHRISTI CALDWELL blames Judith McNaught s Whitney, My Love for luring her into the world of historical romance While sitting in her graduate school apartment at the University of Connecticut, Christi decided to set aside her notes and pick up her laptop to try her hand at romance She believes the most perfect heroes and heroines have imperfections, and she rather

Epub ➞ The Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers, #4)  Author Christi Caldwell –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 348 pages
  • The Bluestocking (Wicked Wallflowers, #4)
  • Christi Caldwell
  • 11 October 2017

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    4.5 5 stars Probably one of my favorite books by CC He kissed her as though he sought to memorize the feel and taste of her As if she were the only woman in the world And she, Gertrude Killoran, long invisible to all, felt what it was to be wanted and hungered for and so very much alive because of it The Bluestocking is the third book in the Wicked Wallflowers series by Christi Caldwell I had been looking forward to this book particularly Gertrude s book In previous book s she d come across as a heroine I d love Thankfully, the author does not dissapoint We start the book not long after the last one ends with Stephen on his way to the Mad Marquess house, to take his place as the Earl and rightful heir.Gertrude, feeling restless at the loss of a sibling she d taken care of her whole life wants nothing than to protect him, and also, to make a place for herself in the world She s always been the one sidelined because of her partial blindness, the supposed weak one in the family everyone tip toed around Gertrude, thinking her too emotional to be able to handle the cruelty of their life Ironically, and wonderfully so, her ability to love, forgive and nurture is what sets her apart and let s her make her mark I appreciated that she didn t decide to suddenly be tough and calculative like her sisters to be like them, but took her strenghts and made the most of them Deciding that Stephen could not go to an unknown place and live with the Marquess without some...

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    Series Wicked Wallflowers 4Publication Date 5 7 19Number of Pages 352Finally, the Mad Marquess gets his HEA and I m absolutely thrilled with Gertrude and Stephen as well They all had their own growth to manage and issues with which they had to come to terms I usually have to read this author s work in increments because it is so intensely emotional and gripping I love that this one wasn t that way I read it straight through Yes, it was every bit as emotional as the other books, but it was a beautiful emotional rather than the gut wrenching kind.In the last book, The Governess, the Mad Marquess was going after Broderick Killoran full tilt He blamed Broderick for the kidnapping of his son and the deaths of his wife and unborn child seven years ago To avoid hanging, Broderick and his street sisters all had to agree to never again see Stephen again 0nce they returned him to the Mad Marquess they couldn t even accompany him on the coach ride to the Marquess home.Gertrude Killoran has always been the outsider among her street siblings she belonged and was loved equally, but she was also on the outside She was the weak one who was overlooked while others made d...

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    Gertrude Killoran and Lord Edwin are thrust upon each other when Edwin exercises his right as father and takes back his kidnapped son, Stephan Unknown until recently, the Killorans thought they were rescuing Stephan from the streets of London, Stephan was kidnapped by Mac Diggory, Gertrude s villainous father now dead, thank goodness The death of his wife and disappearance of his son has taken their toll on Lord Edwin, now nicknamed The Mad Marquess Stephan is like a little brother to the Killoran s most especially to Gertrude as she taught and took care of him, so she s not willing to let the Mad Marquess take him without her supervision so she pushes her way in and won t let him bully her out Both Gertrude struggle with assumptions and misconceptions, each not trusting the other until they spend time together under the same roof A mutual respect forms as they begin to understand the trials they ve each had to bear thanks to Gertrude s horrible father There was always an attraction between them, albeit begrudgingly at first, so as they get to know each other they fall a little in love every day The slow turn from enemies into friends and then into was a lovely, and at times sensuous journey This is my first experience reading Christi Caldwell s writing, but it won t be my last She made Gertrude and Edwin come alive through her writing Their feelings of mistrust, hurt, pain, joy, and love came acr...

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.4.5 heartsThe best thing about Historical Romance novels is you can usually jump into any book in a series with absolutely no trouble That is completely true of The Bluestocking, the fourth book in the Wicked Wallflowers series This was a fun sort of enemies to lover s tale Lord Edwin lot his wife and unborn child to a fire years ago, he assumed his little boy also perished in said fire But he s found his son years later living with a crime family gone respectable Stephen grew up in the streets, he is a rough and tumble boy quick with a knife and slight of hand He is about to go home to the father he can t remember and learn how to become an aristocrat he is not exactly happy about it Good think Edwin can be a patient man even if it tares him up inside to try to get to know the boy he thought dead I loved him long before you knew him, he said hoarsely I loved him when your family ripped him from my life, and I love him even now, angry and hating me as he does Gertrude is his sister but has been like a mother to him his entire life and in a swell of determination and nerve has decided that she will stay with Stephen until he is settled into his new...

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    Title The BluestockingSeries Wicked Wallflowers 4Author Christi CaldwellRelease date , 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre historical romanceGertrude is the last sister in the Killoran family to get her book Although she has always been the most unobtrusive one, the one everyone always seemed to feel was the weakest link in the family, I was eager to read her story She is a true wallflower in every sense of the word, and she could easily have been the crowning glory in the series I can be a picky reader I don t hand out five star ratings very easily, and yet the first three books in the Wicked Wallflowers were enthusiastic five star reads I can count on one hand the authors that were able to pull that off I give Christi Caldwell such huge respect as an author because her character development and storytelling abilities are rare and exceptional However, Gert and her relationship with Lord Edwin fell short of what they could have delivered Their combined histories could have given us a lot of emotional dimension and complexities, but unfortunately we didn t delve as deep as I would have liked to have gone which ended up making their romance fall somewhat flat This heroine had a lot of great qualities that I admired She was the most ...

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    Check out all of my reviews at BLUESTOCKING Wicked Wallflowers Book 4 by Christi Caldwell is the historical romance I have been waiting for in this series The Mad Marquess is about to meet his match in ways than one and it comes from an unlikely source This romance is a part of the Wallflowers series and the romance plot can standalone, but there is a background storyline in all of the books that I feel makes these books even enjoyable if they are read in order of publication.Lord Edwin Warwick is known as the Mad Marquess to all in the ton He is accused in whispers of having started the fire that killed his wife, son and unborn child He discovers his son, Stephen was not killed in the fire, but kidnapped Stephen is taken in by Broderick Killoran and his band of siblings that have survived as a gang in the worst part of London They were all abused by the man, MacDiggory who ran the family and had Stephen kidnapped MacDiggory is now dead and Stephen is about to be returned to his true father and returned to his place in refined society Edwin demands that none of Stephen s current family may come with him to his new home or ever visit him again.Gertrude Killoran has taken care of Stephen since he joined the family She refuses to follow the orders of the Marquess and send Stephen to a new, unfamiliar place and life without her ...

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    4 stars Historical Romance

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    Do you ever finish a book and wonder why you allow the author to put you through the emotional turmoil they do Why you willingly read a story knowing it may rip your heart out and leave you agonizing whether the hero and heroine will have their HEA For me it s because it s Christi Caldwell I enter every book knowing she ll quickly get her emotional hooks in me with a story that is impossible to forget, leaving me in heart wrenching, happy ending tears That s why I read her She rips my heart out every single time, and at the end of each book, I d gladly do it all again If you ve followed this series, you know that it s been discovered that Stephen was not a young orphan brought into the Diggory gang, but the son of a marquess, kidnapped from the folds of the peerage Now he must return to his father who thought he was dead For seven years, Stephen has been with Broderick Killoran and his sisters The only family he remembers He s no longer the innocent, happy toddler he was but an angry and jaded child who wants no part of a life he can t recall To ease his transition to his rightful place, Gertrude, the sister who has taught and cared for him, decides to accompany him and convince Edwin Warwick, the Marquess of Maddock to allow her to stay with his...

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    I confess I had the previous book in this series but it was lost on its release day because too many books popped up in my kindle at the same time.But as I was lucky to have been able to receive an ARC for this one book even if I preordered it, i can t pass it now.So here it is my first meeting with the Killorans and the Mad Marquess So everything was new to me.It was a slow burning story, and while it could have been an angsty and filled with bitterness tale, it was in fact a recital of redemption, forgiveness and faith in the other.This awesome love story between three persons life has wounded is a fable narrating how they come to care and love another.It is no love triangle, just how a father robbed of his family gets a second chance and wins his son s affection with the help of the woman accounted of being part of his kidnapping and on the way finds than he bargained for.Gertrude is the kind of heroine as I love them, along the plot she finds her voice and stands for her Sure I thought her weak at the beginning but as the time unfolds and her past is revealed, I came to see past the facade she has built around her...

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    I am just in awe of Ms Caldwell s storytelling She has a beautiful way of bringing the characters alive and pulls you in There is so much brokenness in this story, it broke my heart to read at times I knew Edwin and Gertrude would get a HEA and loved every bit of the journey.

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