Breach (Analog, #3)

A Hacker Is Drawn Out Of Hiding And Into An Epic Geopolitical Showdown In The Frighteningly Plausible Conclusion To Eliot Peper S Critically Acclaimed Analog Series When You Ve Betrayed Your Revolutionary Cadre, An Off Grid Fight Club On A Remote Tropical Island Is A Good Place To Hide Or Die.For Notorious Ex Hacker Emily Kim, The Outcome Of Each Fight Makes Little Difference Black Market Blood Sport Is The Perfect Self Imposed Penance But When She Stumbles On A Plot To Overthrow The Corporate Empire That Provides The Ubiquitous Global Feed, Emily Discovers Her Old Friends Have Been Targeted Warning Them Will Force Her Out Into The Open, Back On Grid, And Directly Into Danger Emily Can T Escape The Past But Can She Seize The Future Emily S Quest For Redemption Spirals Into An All Out Shadow War What Constitutes Justice In A World Run By Algorithms The Feed And Emily Must Be Reinvented Or Destroyed.Breach (Analog, #3)


[Ebook] ➭ Breach (Analog, #3)  ➬ Eliot Peper –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Breach (Analog, #3)
  • Eliot Peper
  • 10 September 2018

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    Eliot is quickly becoming my go to author as he keeps putting out quality work over and over again, filling a new niche of near future tech thinking person s novels The balance of big ideas with characters you care about, ...

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    Peper wraps up the Analog series with a non stop technothriller From illegal fight clubs to the last hurrahs of the global oligarchs, the story doesn t stop But what s most important in Emily s story is how she finally finds a place and how Commonwealth can build on her skills to make the next step in its evolution from company to state.These three novels chronicle the birth of a new world It s painful, but ultimately glorious.Recommended....

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    Breach, the third entry in the Analog series, gives us the story of the most mysterious character in the fictional universe, Emily Kim The trials and tribulations of the Commonwealth mega corporation continue to hold sway on the world order and the cast of characters from past books is at work to keep everything running Breach is another great addition to the series, adding essential background information on the very person who started it all.I m obsessed with Emily Kim as a character Honestly, I shouted a YES when I read the first sentence and realized we were finally going to learn everything about this fascinating and brilliant force of nature She s this powerful, super intelligent woman who has used her skills and her presence to grow a silent empire, only to have it all pulled out from under her At the start of the book, she s broken, having removed herself entirely from the world she knew Even in seclusion, she remains the ultimate badass, masquerading at an underground fight club as Pixie, an undefeated champion fighter The book is a journey of self reflection and healing for Emily, showing how much her defeat affected her worldview She s brought back into the fold by pure chance and gets back to her old ways surprisingly quickly We get to see her in action, taking down would be kidnappers and entrapping the sleazy villain who keeps popping up at the mos...

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    Build a Future We Want to Live In If you re not familiar with the Analog world that Peper has created you are missing out The world feels so insanely real it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.Something that I don t think I noticed before this book is that Peper has this sort of poetic way of writing Not to say the book reads like poetry not at all but it s of this refined read There are no wasted words I enjoyed that a lot and I almost want to go back to the other books just to hear it again.When I used to read on my Kindle than I listened to audiobooks I would highlight lines that stood out to me Now that I listen to audiobooks I don t often do that Well, with Breach, I did it a lot I would pause the audio, open the book, and find the line I d just heard There were so many great lines that Peper created that I had to call that out Here are a couple of examples Emily loved learning Which was why she hated high school Diplomats are people who murder you politely The only value money has is the value we believe it has private property isn t an actual thing, like granite or gravity It s just something we all agree to, like not cutting in line See what I mean That...

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    Another outstanding novel in the Analog series Eliot Pepper works wizardry combining the near future, dystopian Feed with current hot button issues wealth inequality and re distribution in a way that s fascinating, fast paced, highly intellectual and believable Quite a high bar he s set for hi...

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    Breach is a fantastic conclusion to the Analog saga, weaving all of the themes and characters developed in the first two novels into a satisfying conclusion In many ways this entry in the trilogy feels much closer or personal than the first two We already know the characters and we ve become acquainted with what drives them The action is also substantially personal and intense, much of it being violent close quarter combat It gives the book something like the pacing of a James Bond movie Highly recommend the book series for both entertainment value and their thought provoking look at some of the major themes in governance social media we are beginning to encounter today Spoilers In my mind the umbrella theme of the series seems to be governance in a world where traditional governance is being eroded but where new, private institutions are moving in to fill the gaps and the exploration of what that looks like and how it evolves.In Bandwidth we see what happens when weak global governance allows corporations and for profit raiders to corrupt government for their own needs The reaction to this is the revolution we see at the climax, which begins to establish ...

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    Breach is the third installment of Eliot Peper s Analog Series While some series get weaker as they go along, Peper s story seems to grow, evolve, and strengthen with each new book.In the future intentionally similar to now , the internet has evolved into The Feed which connects all people, businesses, and countries Those who control The Feed control the world in Peper s view of this apocalyptic future In the first book, Peper s motley collection of heroes commandeered the feed in order to force world governments to combat climate change once and for all In this the third book in the series, Peper turns the spotlight onto the organization and people that control The Feed The saying goes that absolute power corrupts absolutely and in the Analog series, controlling the feed is definitely absolute power.This book centers around Emily Kim a damaged protagonist who is trying to make up for her past sins by putting herself into painful and life threatening situations Unwilling to commit suicide, Emily is hoping that someone in the world of illegal death match fights will do the deed for her Unfortunately, along the way Emily learns of a plot being hatched by the worlds least ethical billionaires perhaps an oxymoron to take control of The Feed for their own purposes Emily is forced to put aside her self destructive venture in order to save her friends ...

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    Breach by Eliot Peper is such a great book I would definitely recommend it to anyone Not only does the writing paint vivid pictures of what is happening but it is a great end to the analog series.For the final story in the analog novels, Eliot further weaves the prior books of this series together by bringing back prior characters that some may have forgotten This time, however, the people who long ago were manipulating the feed are the only ones capable of saving it as an activist group is trying to destroy the credibility and power it possesses Prior to this Emily, who had manipulated a backdoor to the feed had no thought of going back and reconnecting with her past friends and acquaintances but after stumbling upon this plot to hurt those people she knew she couldn t sit idle As she weaves her way back into the lives of those she abandoned she reflects on he...

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    Breach has all the markings of an Eliot Peper novel It s thought provoking, exciting, and eminently readable.

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    Breach is a great conclusion to a very interesting and enjoyable series As a big fan of dystopian fiction, I love the exploration of the role of technology What I like the most about Peper s construction in this novel and in the series is the humanity that endures within the characters, despite all of their ...

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