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If You Could Make One Simple Choice That Would Change Your Life Forever, Would You Erin Is A Documentary Filmmaker On The Brink Of A Professional Breakthrough, Mark A Handsome Investment Banker With Big Plans Passionately In Love, They Embark On A Dream Honeymoon To The Tropical Island Of Bora Bora, Where They Enjoy The Sun, The Sand, And Each Other Then, While Scuba Diving In The Crystal Blue Sea, They Find Something In The Water Could The Life Of Your Dreams Be The Stuff Of Nightmares Suddenly The Newlyweds Must Make A Dangerous Choice To Speak Out Or To Protect Their Secret After All, If No One Else Knows, Who Would Be Hurt Their Decision Will Trigger A Devastating Chain Of Events Have You Ever Wondered How Long It Takes To Dig A Grave Wonder No Longer Catherine Steadman S Enthralling Voice Shines Throughout This Spellbinding Debut Novel With Piercing Insight And Fascinating Twists, Something In The Water Challenges The Reader To Confront The Hopes We Desperately Cling To, The Ideals We Re Tempted To Abandon, And The Perfect Lies We Tell Ourselves.Something in the Water

Catherine Steadman is an actress and writer based in North London She is known for her roles in Downton Abbey and Tutankhamun, starring alongside Sam Neill, as well as shows including Breathless, The Inbetweeners, The Tudors, and Fresh Meat.In 2017 she will feature in political thriller Fearless and new BBC comedy Bucket She also has appeared on stage in the West End including Oppenheimer for th

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  • 21 February 2017
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    Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave Wonder no longer It takes an age However long you think it takes, double that. Let me start by giving credit where it s due Catherine Steadman nails the first chapter hands down Very few openers have acquired my attention as adeptly as those four simple sentences.How could any suspense reader not be enthralled with a woman who turns to Google to learn the proper depth to bury a body or look away as she carries on, one painstaking shovel full at a time Erin proves with her narrative, ridding yourself of a pesky body, in dirt, might not be as easy as the movies portray wink I m not a bad person Or maybe I am You decide I think we can all agree there s not much subjectivity allowed here, is there anyone who finds themselves in a situation that requires the disposal of a body, pretty much guarantees they re not a good person What kind of reader would that make me though, if I didn t give Erin the chance to explain herself From Erin s declaration on her moral character, Catherine Steadman flips the calendar back three months setting to work the events that land her leading lady in the woods committing a major felony Let me dip my toe in the plot here for a bit Erin is a budding documentary filmmaker, while her soon to be husband, an investment banker, has recently found himself without a job Less money means less of a fuss over their nuptials and a mere two weeks in Bora Bora, instead of the planned three It s in the turquoise waters off the island, in the midst of what anyone would consider a dream honeymoon, that the couple happens across something in the water A few unfathomable items, just floating along, minding their own business, tucked securely away in a locked black bag I think we d all be kidding ourselves if we said we d just leave it alone What s that saying curiousity killed the cat The circumstances pose a bit of a moral dilemma, as they should do Erin and Mark alert someone to what they found or shove the guilt down somewhere deep and live a prosperous life, instead Any guesses at the decision the couple makes Things start to get a bit dicey when Erin and Mark find themselves back home in London, pretending to carry on as if nothing has changed We all know, that scenario never holds up What ensues is a non stop decline in believability, a flagrant lack of storyline development and one absurd decision followed by another From curiosity in the beginning, to waning feelings in the middle, to disdain for the crippling ridiculousness of the back half, this is one I m labeling as a major upset What kills me, this could should have been so much .The entire story is told from Erin s perspective and it s my belief, the author s writing style will be hit or miss with readers Catherine Steadman s words are extremely choppy, but in some ways, I felt her voice fed into the suspense of the novel and lessened the impact of the drivel If you think about it, our own thoughts are far from linear and polished there s a rawness, a flitting from one thought to another constantly Well, that s the best justification I can come up with for the messiness presented on the page.Was the story written this way intentionally I m not quite sure What I am sure of, this story would have benefited from editing Quite a few times, Catherine Steadman wrote herself into a corner and continued to turn in circles, spewing bits of useless information, while trying to get back on track Again, that s just my take on the steady diet of nonsense the author chose to spoon feed the reader.I m going to end things on this note when writing a story, or heck, even in real life, simply thinking about something, doesn t necessarily breath it in to fruition regardless of how many times this plot tries to persuade you otherwise If that was the case, the ending of this book would have been something else entirely Thank you to Ballantine Books and NetGalley for providing a review copy

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    The story was just meh for me The audio was incredible The author is an actress from Downton Abby If you don t read a lot of thrillers you might enjoy this If you do read a lot of thrillers you might find it just ok.I m still in a rut On to the next

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    5 THUNK THUNK THUNK Stars A slow build to a shocking discovery, this book will have you wondering what you would do See my review here What an incredible debut novel this is for Catherine Steadman While the book starts with a bang, the next 30% is a slow build as you get to know the characters Then at about 35% the story takes a turn and readers will find themselves holding on for the ride, unsure of where they ll end up I was unsure about this book at first, but I have to say I ended up really enjoying it and found it to be a tantalizing premise for a story I don t even know what I d compare this book to Its really quite unique from other psychological thrillers, though I m sure some comparisons Ruth Ware, Paula Hawkins are bound to come up I don t want to make those though because I don t think readers should go into this book expecting something similar to what they ve already read Enjoy this one on it s own merit Erin and Mark are about to embark on their dream honeymoon Erin is a documentary filmmaker and is engaged to handsome, successful, financial advisor Mark The two have a nearly perfect relationship each balances the other out, and is able to cheer the other up when down Erin is creating a documentary about prisoners reintegrating into society after their release, when she takes a break and she and Mark leave grey skied England for a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora.Mark and Erin spend their days hiking, eating exotic meals, basking in the sun, and making love in their room a perfect honeymoon Erin is even facing her fear of scuba diving to see the oceans with Mark But after a big storm makes the waters cloudy, they are forced to change their dive location to a different island about an hour off the shore of Bora Bora And then, out in a boat in the middle of the ocean, they hear it.THUNK THUNK THUNK There s something in the water, and nothing will ever be the same again I cannot believe this is a debut novel Catherine has a way with vivid characters, settings, and vernacular, probably from her career as an actress I found Erin and Mark so compelling, both as individuals and in their relationship dynamic Mark is calculating where Erin is creative Erin is action oriented where Mark is strategic Both are open to understanding when they ve misunderstood the other.But I don t want to forget to mention the other characters The three prisoners Holli, Alexa, and Eddie are fascinating each in their own way Steadman shows the incredible diversity of those who are convicted Some may deserve worse than they got, and others you might empathize with, or even see a bit of your own decision making in Each has their own story, peppered throughout the book in Erin s interviews with them.And the mystery The something that is in the water It sets a chain of events in motion that are twisty and heart pounding in their rapid succession From the time the boat hits the THUNK THUNK, readers will NOT be able to put this book down Erin and Mark both handle the situation so differently Erin surprises even herself with her boldness, which was wonderful to read about Erin was a great narrator, even if I did want to shake her at times and tell her to stop, JUST STOP The series of tiny decisions that could lead them on different paths each step of the way was extremely well written I found myself unsure at each stage what I would choose Would I follow the same path that Erin and Mark did What would I do, if I were the one to find something in the water I wanted to avoid saying much about the plot beyond the discovery, because readers will absolutely love the ride this book will take them on I look forward to from this author.I want to sincerely thank Netgalley, Catherine Steadman, and Ballantine Books at Random House Publishing for an opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review It was my pleasure

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    5 Tension Filled Stars Well HOT damn this book was just brilliant Full disclosure I was running behind on my reviews so I purchased this on audio on release day and I was even a little hesitant because I saw the author was narrating not always a good thing, but I had no idea that Catherine Steadman is an actress and after finishing this book I now know she is also a fantastic author and audiobook narrator Simply amazing Seriously if I could I would give her narration six stars, it was really exceptional And this book kept me on the edge of my seat from about 30% onErin and Mark are a happy newly married couple on their honeymoon in Bora Bora they are having a wonderful time in this tropical paradise untilthunk thunk there is something in the water and what it is will alter this couple s lives from this point on the tension is ramped up and I felt as though I was on the edge of my seat throughout so many thoughts what would I do in this situation What is the ethical thing to do Erin and Mark were both fabulous characters they both handled the situation so differently and I found that part so compelling and true.Erin was very bold about it all and didn t always think things through, in fact sometimes she did some really stupid things Mark on the other hand was cautious, not much of a risk taker, although he was usually fine with his wife taking a risk I have to say I was both surprised and a little disappointed by both of these characters at points in this book.There is also a very fascinating side story in this book Erin is filming a documentary about prisoners about to be released Eddie, Holly, and Alexa were all strong, interesting, and well developed characters I found each of their storys compelling and unique definitely added another layer to this already wonderful book and the voice of eddie is absolutely the best in this audio This really was a book unlike any other I have read before it was very refreshing absolutely recommend to everybody regardless of your reading preferences thank you to the publisher for my copy of this brilliant book

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    I had a really hard time rating this one do you ever have books where you get so frustrated with the characters that you just want to scream Well. this is definitely one where I was super frustrated and wanted to throw my kindle at times lol Erin and Mark are a newly married couple that don t have the best honest relationship I noticed that Erin and Mark both have been keeping secrets from one another Erin is trusting Mark a little then she should despite all the red flags But, Erin isn t so innocent either and has been keeping just as much from her husband Mark Seems like a disaster waiting to happen..eeek Erin is a filmmaker who has an interest in the world of crime She begins a filming project about three people who are being released from prison The documentary examines closely the lives of these three individuals and starts out as a project but ends up taking a sinister turn While on their honeymoon, Mark and Erin find a mysterious black bag in the ocean Let s just say the items in the bag are not in the least bit innocent This of course adds intense moments and leads to a show of an ending I had some issues with this book which is why I only gave it three stars One, my god was this book slow up until 50 percent for me I felt like nothing was happening and I was struggling to complete chapter after chapter Finally it picked up half way through I felt that some of the events that transpired from Mark and Erin s decisions were just too unbelievable I felt that it would be almost impossible to get away with some of the things that Mark and Erin got away with Too much security etc currently I feel like this was an overall average thriller for me with a decent ending.3 starsThank you so much to Netgalley and Random House Ballantine for an advanced arc in exchange for my honest review Published to GR 5 23 18Publication date 6 5 18

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    Full review hereThis might seem harsh but I really don t understand how this book got published in the way it is.THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS.STYLE AND WRITINGSteadman s writing, is not steady Well There is A LOT in this book A LOT In the beginning I thought hey, she must be going into these details for a reason Then the I read, the I became sure there is no reason for us reading a wedding reception 3 course menu, and prices, for pages, OR how our character interprets a pregnancy test for at least a few page I mean not emotionally but literally with the blue crosses and a lot of fuck and shits ,OR how do we learn about Glock s for at least 5 pages at that point I asked myself, I can read this in Wikipedia Honestly, as far as I know it s better to tell something with less words I can edit this book and cut it to half of it s size, EASILY without losing anything in the plot at all Steadman literally talks about everything in this book The character boards onto a plane and we have a lecture about first classes The character dives into sea and we have a lecture and description about different types of sharks There is a lot Just asking WHY WHAT THE HELL Do people really enjoy reading these, hence so many 5 stars THE PLOTI won t lie The first 30% wasn t that bad Then it just started tumbling down to the cliff into the water The plot is absurd view spoiler Our protagonist, Erin is engaged with an investment banker, Mark, who mysteriously gets fired from his high paying job days before their wedding They go to honeymoon They find SOMETHING in the water Then hell breaks lose It s alright Erin is an idiot, I understand Mark is as flat as an A4 paper but he does the job Then there is a whole storyline of 3 prisoners, Holli, Eddie and Alexa Erin meets and interviews them to make a documentary and it looks like they re just thrown in to spice it up Oh wait, one of the prisoners, Eddie the dangerous criminal, becomes Erin s fairy gangsta mother, so that must be why they re in Every time Erin has a criminal problem, she rings Eddie Uh, oh, I think HMP Pentonville must be operating as a call center I can t see how else Eddie can take so many calls from Erin So here is a tip, if you have a body to dispose, some illegal diamonds to sell, you ever need a gun, or encrypt some illegal documents, I don t know, just ring HMP Pentonville and I am sure they can put in contact with the right sort of criminal.There are so many silly things about the plot that makes your eyes roll like Mark and Erin smuggling loads of diamonds and millions of dollars to the UK without any problems in their luggage which I honestly think British Border Force should take as a wake up call if this is the case with first class passengers never being searched , or Erin trying to sell the diamonds almost in the open market next to vegetables and the criminals still can t spot them, silly criminals Did I mention Holli suddenly running wild to Isis what the heck was this for we ll never know hide spoiler

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    Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman is a 2018 Ballantine publication Slightly predictable morality tale with a nice hook and a few clever twists You just got married, you re in financial straits, looking at a drastic change in your quality of living standards, but you ve already got a nice honeymoon planned in Bora Bora so why not enjoy every minute of your vacation That s what newlyweds Erin and Mark plan on doing before they head back to reality and an uncertain future But, on a standard scuba dive they discover something in the water, a discovery that puts them in a very prickly position However, the bottom line is they probably hit the Motherload But, they also make another, very grisly discovery, and in their paranoid horror and glee, make a few whopping mistakes that could come back to haunt them Can they get away with keeping something that doesn t belong to them Should they What if someone finds out The pressure they were under before is nothing like the pressure they are under now As they work to cover all their bases, they face one moral dilemma after another, as lies and rationalizations take over and they slide further into moral bankruptcy every day.Erin, a documentary filmmaker, is our narrator, laying out the full story going back to when she and Mark first met Mark s job as an investment banker, ended abruptly and quite unexpectedly, forcing Mark to face the dismal prospect of having to take any job he can find, in an economic downturn The treasure they find is the answer to all their problems, but they aren t prepared for the lengths they will have to go to to profit from their discoveries, while trying not to get caught They soon find themselves rubbing elbows with less than trustworthy people, justifying their moral compromises and keeping secrets from each other Right now, psychological thrillers are so popular publishers are rushing subpar novels with interchangeable plotlines into the marketplace in record numbers It s so bad I ve begun removing PTs from my TBR pile, before I burn out completely Sort of reminds me of the fever pitch PNR and Urban Fantasy reached back at the peak of Twilight s popularity thank God that s over Maybe Fifty Shades of Grey knockoffs are on the way out too one can only hope But I digress This book, however, had a very intriguing synopsis and the ratings were mostly favorable, so I had to see why it was popular While I was hopeful, I also approached the book with cautious optimism.Thankfully, despite my having picked up on a few tells early on in the novel, I found myself caught up in the character s fear, guilt and self loathing, their guilty consciences or lack thereof battling against the need to cover their butts and pull off the caper of the century, all so they can maintain a lifestyle they had grown accustomed to It was an interesting journey, from that standpoint The parallels between Erin s documentary subjects and her own life didn t go unnoticed and the role they played in the story was ironic However, the characters were often so na ve, so utterly clueless, I wanted to scream or maybe I didn t give them enough credit You ll have to be the judge on that one Overall, the story is a little predictable, but I was very engaged, and very interested to see how everything would turn out in the end It s an addictive read, with some well timed twists, that are every effective Overall, I ended up enjoying this one for the most part It has a few flaws but didn t feel like a book written just to cash in on a trend Perhaps, Steadman will try her hand at this often in between her acting roles, of course 4 stars

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    FIVE STARSFor domestic suspense fun, it doesn t get much better than this SOMETHING IN THE WATER is Numero Uno on the NYT bestseller list this week, a Reese s bookclub selection and the movie rights have long been snatched up All that buzzy attention heaped on one lil ole debut novel can make some of us a tad skeptical No need to worry You are in expert hands with Catherine Steadman Maybe you live on a deserted island and haven t heard, but Steadman is a fabulous, gorgeous actress working in the U.K She, most notably, was a cast member of Britain s Downton Abbey She can also write like the pros, if not better What the heck So much talent in one person Quit your day job or not, Ms Steadman, you are a superstar either way There are tons of summaries out there Please don t read them Listen, I accidentally read the spoilest spoilers EVER in the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews Geez Don t look for about the story I would have enjoyed it so much if I didn t already know what the something in the water was Take my word for it.The pacing is brisk, the narrator is unreliable BUT NOT A DRUNK and the story translates quite believably as a realistic situation You guys know how much I abhor the hand wringing heroine But here, our protagonist is VERY pro action True, she doesn t always make the best decisions omg , but she tries her best and I, for one, felt a weird kind of kinship with our main character It s my favorite kind of suspense building story One bad decision leads to another, leads to one and so on..It s the ultimate what would you do situational structure Steadman writes in a slick, sophisticated manner I m completely infatuated with her wit and style.If you enjoyed The Girl on the Train, The Woman in Cabin 10, or The Flight Attendant you will love Something in the Water The audiobook is stellar Steadman acts as her own icy, sexy narrator and you will quickly understand why she is such a wonderful actress Highly recommend I am so excited to discover this new, gifted author Looking forward to her career in this difficult to write genre.

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    Chilling, Thrilling, and Killing Stars My rating system is very simple If I read a book straight through the night, can t put it down at work, interrupt meals to get back to it, it s worthy of five stars And this was the case for Something in the Water Very few books, achem, thrillers deserve five stars, imho They are either lacking in character development, plot development or a mixture of the two I thought this thriller was expertly plotted and quick paced Although I found the beginning to be a little odd, it does make sense within the larger context of the book What is Something in the Water about A couple, Erin and Mark, having just gotten married, set forth on their honeymoon in Bora, Bora Although, instead of having a relaxing vacation on the beach they find a shocking discovery that upends their entire life I m not going to say any, you ll just have to read the book This was a buddy read for me and it made my enjoyment of the book even greater As my reading buddy pointed out, you ll have to suspend your belief in sections of this novel There are definitely moments that are too coincidental or where the protagonist is just too lucky This didn t bother me, but if you are a skeptical reader, it might.All in all, I found this to be extremely fun I could easily equate this with a roller coaster, having so many twists and turns I couldn t put it down, and for me, that is the mark of killer thriller Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for review

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    I love psychological thrillers, so when I saw this on Audible I gave it a shot I love that the book is narrated by the author I thought she was perfect and had no issues there The story just sort of fell flat for me.The two main characters are Erin and Mark and the book is told from Erin s POV Erin writes documentaries for a living, while her husband Mark is an investment banker He s handsome and super loved by everyone They re newlyweds very much in love and about to head on an extravagant honeymoon Plans to have a family are on the horizon While scuba diving in Bora Bora, they discover something in the water that has the potential to change their lives forever It becomes clear fairly quickly that they ve gotten themselves into a boat load of trouble.One decision after another they seem to have it all planned out The problem is that sometimes Erin s curiosity gets the best of her and it was times like this where I just cringed I almost couldn t take it There were parts in the book where I just couldn t stand her character and wanted to scream It s these events, however, that move the plot along and make it interesting Not only that, Mark can be a jerk when he wants to be and I had a hard time figuring him out in the beginning The question is, can they stick together and really pull this off If it weren t for the HUGE spoiler in the beginning of the book, it might not be so easy to figure out.After the first big introduction, the book starts out slow and boring and gradually just keeps getting better For me though, it fell flat probably because of the way it started and knowing a crucial detail from the very start I m iffy about beginnings like that, although you re left to wonder about Erin s character throughout because of it The ending was fairly predictable and I could see where it was going though.One of my biggest issues with the book was all the added details and some of the secondary characters I just found them sort of worthless and they took away from the main plot With that said, I did still enjoy the book and there were a few times where I was on edge I was very anxious a few times in the story It just wasn t as thrilling as I expected it to be If you like thrillers, I would still recommend you give this one a try 3 See this review on my blog

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