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Download Expecting Sunshine Author Alexis Marie Chute Hakkas.us Expecting Sunshine Is A Multi Award Winning Memoir And A Kirkus Review BEST INDIE BOOK Of 2017Anyone Who Has Experienced Or Knows Someone Who Has Experienced Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, Stillbirth, Or Other Forms Of Pregnancy And Baby Loss Should Read Expecting Sunshine, Including Those Considering Or Already Pregnant Again After Her Son, Zachary, Dies In Her Arms At Birth, Visual Artist And Author Alexis Marie Chute Disappears Into Her Year Of Distraction She Cannot Paint Or Write Or Tap Into The Heart Of Who She Used To Be, Mourning Not Only For Zachary, But Also For The Future They Might Have Had Together It Is Only When Chute Learns She Is Pregnant Again That She Sets Out To Find Healing And Rediscover Her Identity Just In Time, She Hopes, To Welcome Her Next Child In The Forty Weeks Of Her Pregnancy, Chute Grapples With Her Strained Marriage, Shaken Faith, And Medical Diagnosis, With Profound Results Glowing With Riveting And Gorgeous Prose, Expecting Sunshine Chronicles The Anticipation And Anxiety Of Expecting A Baby While Still Grieving For The Child That Came Before Enveloping Readers With Insightful Observations On Grief And Healing, Life And Death, And The Incredible Power Of A Mother S Love.Second Edition Includes Bonus Chapter Written From The Author S Husband S Perspective Plus, Resource Section, Group Discussion Questions, And QA With Author Alexis Marie ChuteExpecting Sunshine

Alexis Marie Chute is an award winning

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  • Paperback
  • Expecting Sunshine
  • Alexis Marie Chute
  • English
  • 01 August 2018
  • 9781631527005

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    I received my signed copy from Alexis Marie Chute of the second edition as part of a giveaway Here is my review, from a guy s perspective.Let me start by saying that I didn t read the jacket cover, nor any of the praise listed inside, for I wanted to form my own honest and uninfluenced opinion So what was my first impression In all honesty, I became mildly annoyed from the repeated agony of the author s loss of her child at birth After all, she had another child and loving husband But in all fairness to her I must admit that my insensitivity was most likely caused by my previous read of the horror of a Nazi extermination camp You see, compared to the author, those who survived had been through real hell on earth Some survived when many others just laid down and died Why did some give up while others hung on I then realized depth of the author s pain The reason many gave up and died was probably because they lost whole families, so what did they have to live for The author s pain was real, and because I never lost a child or spouse I did not comprehend the extent of her suffering It was then that my attitude towards her and her literary work took a profound change.This book lays out not only her pain but the healing process by trial and error as well When we truly love someone we share both their sorrow, which can cut into your heart like a knife, and the happiness, which body and soul soaks up like a sponge Lucky for her, she had her family stand by her In the back of t...

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    Heartbreak, heartwarming, hope and happiness too.I enjoyed this inspiring memoir by Alexis Marie Chute Alexis and Aaron have a baby daughter, Hannah, at the start of the book Their second child, Zachary, had originally been due December 2010 Routine prenatal tests revealed there were very serious problems Zac was born early at 30 weeks He passed away just moments later Heartbreaking And the struggles trying to get pregnant again Will there me obstacles and heartache ahead Very sad material, especially at the outset, but a beautiful book, with lots of hope too The author has really opened her heart and this emotional book is a quick easy read despite the very sad circumstances A moving story, told week by week through her subsequent pregnancy sort of like a pregnancy diary journal but never repetitive Rather than enjoying being pregnant, she just gets through it, worrying constantly that the happy ending may be cut short, like before it could all happen again.I ve read many medical memoirs midwife memoirs I m about to start one where modern surgery can fix things even in babies not yet born surgery in utero Sometimes things cannot be fixed and this is Alexis Marie s heartbreaking story.I have one sibling, a sister I am a third child My other sister died a few days after birth, three...

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    INDIEREADER REVIEW Verdict EXPECTING SUNSHINE is an invaluable resource for those dealing with loss, as well as a beautifully told story of grief, hope, healing and love.5.0 STAR RATINGAlexis Marie Chute and her husband Aaron lost their second child, their son Zachary, minutes after his birth due to a heart condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex For a year, Chute descended into what she calls her Year of Distraction, in which she was unable to function or focus for grief On emerging from that year of mourning, she became pregnant once , hoping desperately this time for a healthy baby This book is a narrative of that pregnancy, full of anxiety, anticipation, fear, healing, and hope.There are few if any losses in life that match the heartbreak of losing a child, and this book is an achingly beautiful response to such a loss This is a straightforward, honest, day by day first person account, all the effective for being simply and clearly told, without melodrama but with an lovely, lyrical, almost poe...

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    It only took one page for me to be swept into Alexis Marie s story I could not put this book down Expecting Sunshine is an insightful read for anyone walking alongside a family member or friend experienc...

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    I have never been pregnant so I have not experienced a loss Although, readers like me can and could say we can relate and understand what author, Alexis went through it would not be fair to really say this Unless you have actually had a miscarriage, I don t think you can fully understand However, readers like me do get a glimpse into this tragic event If for nothing else we can have patience and acceptance to allow someone grieving to grieve in their own way and not try to fit everyone into one mold of grieve Back to the book I do really like how the book was split out by periods of time in trimesters To be clear it was trimesters for Alexi and her husband s new son Yet, at the same time it was in periods of time for Zach, their son that they lost Alexis does not shy away from sharing her emotions from anger, loss, fear, obsession, and happiness So anyone who has experienced a miscarriage will relate Today we are accepting to share these stories of loss to help ...

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    Alexis Marie has experienced a great loss that has effected every aspect of her mind, body and soul It is her story about the challenges she faces with herself, her family and her friends She distracts herself from her feelings, emotions and misery Until she comes to the realization that she needs to come head to head with her grief She realized she needed to face her overwhelming fears, anxiety and sorrow in order to heal Alexis Marie does a great job including the reader in her book It made me think, laugh and cry I had a hard time putting this book down This book is for anyone that has experienced grief, not just child loss, but any sort of loss It s a great book to help people know what loss is like or for some...

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    Expecting Sunshine was recommended to me by my wife It isn t normally the type of book I would pick up, but I am so glad I did It is a thoughtful and engaging look at the impact of the loss of a child on a young family You take an emotional journey through their grief and recovery whic...

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    Expecting Sunshine by Alexis Marie Chute is a wonderful memoir written by a mourning mother This book is raw and honest It is brave and beautifully written Alexis Marie has managed to record her story in a way that will speak to every man...

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    Absolutely loved it. thankgod for some light humour and it not all being over emotional Wasnt expecting to like it as much as i did.

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    One early morning while my husband drove me to work I took the opportunity to begin reading my new book Expecting Sunshine A Journey of Grief, Healing, and Pregnancy After Loss by Alexis Marie Chute Eagerly I dived into the prologue entitled Conception Instantly I was pulled into the world of Alexis Marie, nearly a year following the loss of her second child Zachary, struggling to finish her last photography job in her Year of Distraction without succumbing to her grief By the end of this chapter I was literally breathless, tears rimming my eyes, and my heart aching I felt I was there with her, that I lived those moments Even as I write this now I am moved by the memory of her words Through the rest of the book Alexis Marie takes us on the emotional journey of her third pregnancy speckling it with heart wrenching flashbacks of her previous loss and ...

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